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                As many of you know, UC is planning to transition to a semester calendar beginning in the Fall 2012. For those of you planning to graduate in the Spring of 2012 or earlier, this will not affect you.

                For those of you who will be here during the semester conversion, the university has created a website with resources about the conversion at:

                Below are some important details that you should consider over the next year to prepare for the transition to the semester calendar.

                Every student should meet with their academic advisor to prepare an Individualized Advising Plan (IAP). These IAP's will ensure that students can make the transition without repeating course content.  If you meet with your advisor, create an IAP, and follow that IAP the university pledges that there will be no loss of academic progress, no delay to your degree completion, and no increased cost for your degree completion.

                Your advisor will work with you to ensure that all of your coursework is completed appropriately, but there are two primary academic concerns to consider when planning for the semester conversion: Course Sequences and Cooperative Education

Course Sequences are series of courses such as Spanish I, II, III or College Algebra I, II. As the university transitions to semesters, you must either:

·         Plan to complete all courses in the sequence with the quarter-long courses offered through Summer 2012.

·         Wait to start the sequence until the Fall of 2012 or later and take the complete course sequence on semesters.

For more information, visit:

Cooperative Education will continue throughout the conversion period and beyond. If you are in a program which requires co-op experiences it will be necessary to meet with your faculty co-op advisor AFTER you have created your IAP with your academic advisor to create an Individual Co-op Participation Plan.  For more information regarding Co-op on the semester calendar, visit:

The links below will provide more detailed information about the semester conversion. If you have questions please contact your advisor and they will be happy to answer your questions!

Semester Academic Calendar:

Semester Conversion Background:


Prospective Student-Athletes:

The University of Cincinnati is currently in the process of planning to transition to a semester calendar. The conversion to semesters will begin in Fall 2012 and will affect all students graduating after the Spring of 2012. The Academic Services department is committed to making this conversion a smooth and beneficial process for its student-athletes. Below you can find an overview of the conversion process and links to further information regarding the conversion process and the resources available to all students.

UC is confident that the transition to semesters will benefit all students and programs. It is an opportunity for the university to reexamine and redesign curricula, programs and requirements. On the Semester Conversion Background page (hyperlink below ) the university provides its reasoning for the conversion and the many benefits of the new semester system. Visit:

Students who will begin their UC career in the quarter system and make the transition to the semester system will be given ample support from their academic and athletics advisor to ensure a successful transition. Each student will be asked to meet with their advisor to create an Individual Academic Plan (IAP) to ensure the transition is successful. More details regarding IAP's and the university's pledges can be found at:

The University of Cincinnati is known for founding the Cooperative Education system in which students alternate academic periods with professionally paid work experiences related directly to their majors. For details regarding these changes please read the information provided here:

The links below will provide information regarding the semester calendar and answers to many frequently asked questions. If you have questions, which are not addressed on this site please feel free to contact the Academic Services staff and we will be happy to answer your questions!

Semester Academic Calendar: