UC-Syracuse 2nd Quarter

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Second and 2 from the SU 14. First incompletion for Collaros. Weird play by Pead. He maybe should have had the catch, but he kind of gave up on it. It's third and 2. Then, Alex Hoffman and Alli both move at the same time. False start, third and 7 from the 19. Playcall was about to expire, but BK calls the timeout. And he is upset. "Are you (expletive) kidding me," he says, and he's yelling at Chris Jurek. And an offside makes it third and 2 again. Handoff to Pead, and he loses two yards. He had no chance on that one. Sure, why not try the FG fake for the 16-yard TD? Mike Windt snaps to Collaros, the holder, who rolls right. Jake Rogers tries to block (without much success), and though the call looked like a disaster at first, Collaros finds Alli in the end zone. Doug Marrone is arguing and he's conveying to the officials that they might have gotten the call wrong.

UC 14, Syracuse 7 (14:11 to go)

And upon further review, that might not have been a fake at all. Collaros bobbled the snap, and he had to get up and try to make the pass. Interesting.

Some nice running by Carter and Bailey. It'll be third and six from the SU 27. Paulus incomplete, and the Orange will have to punt. That was Paulus' first incompletion of the game.

Orange cornerback Kevyn Scott is hurting on the UC sideline. He walks off the field, though. It'll be third and 4 from the UC 46. And nose tackle Arthur Jones sacks Collaros, and UC will have to punt. Ugh, tough break for Syracuse. Linebacker Doug Hogue is penalized 15 yards for a blow to the head. Don't like the call. He hit Mardy Gilyard, but he basically was jamming him face to face. It'll be third and 5 from the SU 34. Another nice play Arthur Jones on the designed run by Collaros. He comes up the middle, while Jurek was engaged with somebody else, and forces Collaros to a knee. UC to punt. Not what you'd call a good one - a 13-yard punt.

Two runs by Carter, and it'll be third and 2 from the SU 44. Another run by Carter gains him the first down. Thirteen yards for Bailey, who just bounces of Drew Frey to gain another 7-8 yards. On second down, Derek Wolfe does a nice job of slowing down Carter enough to get some help bringing him down. It'll be third and 9 from the UC 34. Bearcats should have had Carter down on the pass from Paulus, but Curtis Young and Dominique Battle both miss tackles, and he gets the first down. Now, it's third and 10 from the 26. Nice time for Mike Williams to get in on the action. Paulus scrambles and he finds Williams to make it first and goal from the seven. Then, like usual, UC's defense comes up big deep in its zone as Drew Frey makes the INT in the end zone. UC has 1:55 to go 80 yards.

Collaros with a lazer to Woods to gain 17 yards and bring the ball to the UC 42. Collaros to Pead loses three, but he throws to Gilyard to get it to mid-field with about 30 seconds to play. Collaros runs around a while and loses some yard. But SU called for offside, giving UC the first down with 27 seconds to play on the SU 44. Collaros hits Binns for 19 yards, and Collaros spikes it. There's 6 seconds left, and that'll set up a 43-yard Jake Rogers field goal. He hits it, but Marrone had called a timeout. He'll have to kick again. And this time, it's no good as the first half ends. Nice job by Marrone, I guess.

UC 14, Syracuse 7 (half)

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