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Ok everyone and their roommate are on the UC Bearcat bandwagon and I wonder are you new? Have you been for life? or in fairness are you new to the game? I hope you're in it to win it meaning regardless of the BCS outcome you'll remain loyal to the university. Cincinnati has always been called a fair weather town and this is your chance to change that perception. Like Mike Thomas and the athletic department did by not only bringing Coach Brian Kelly in but giving him what he needs to compete on a level many thought (including some of you reading this) the 'Cats couldn't.

But what happens if they lose? have a bad season? suffer misfortune? Are you still on board as a fan, alumni, Cincinnatian? I say yes to some and sadly no to others. Its easy to jump off the bandwagon, sprain an ankle or two but to be a real fan means enduring your friends ridicule if their team is faring well at the time or if you see no light at the end of the tunnel. A Bearcat for life means I accept the outcome but I'm always wishing for the best, year in and year out. Are YOU a Bearcat for life?

If you are waive your flag, wear you gear, buy a ticket, put UC carpet in your recreation room, make a donation or even applaud a student athlete who may not get lots of playing time. Being a real fan carries responsibility and a committment to getting involved. Take the lead like you tell the players to do when you're coaching from the stands and make sure your section stays pumped up throughout the game; there's nothing worse than a half-hearted fan criticizing a young student athlete about not producing, because they're certainly not getting motivation from you to ramp it up. I love it when I watch games and the crowd KNOWS they're making a difference. UC fans make a difference and be a fan for life!

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I am a Bearcats fan for life. I have been going to games since it wasn't cool to go to games. I remember the Doug Monahan interception in the endzone to beat TCU. And I enjoyed the games then! Unfortunately I'm not in the area much during the football season, so I have to enjoy my Cats on national TV, which is getting a bit easier lately. I truely picked the worst time to take a "travelling" job. I'd rather them be good and not be there to enjoy it, than be there to enjoy mediocrity though!