Homecoming and Goings

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What a nice homecoming it was...UC beating the 'Ville and retaining the Keg of Nails, with the exception of the ones they used to nailed the coffin shut; Seeing all my media colleagues from my previous time along side them and experiencing the campus once again amidst a stadium holding a record crowd. Other than chasing the cotton candy man down, I had a great time. I went to the parade and endured the cold, hit the book store and shared the time with family and friends and saw new version's of UC fans being born across the campus landscape.

it was indeed a magical time in Clifton and so many people are to be thanked but my hat goes off to the nameless faces that take tickets, brave the cold, park the cars, walk up and down the aisle selling food and drink and listen to the complaints en masse. We tend to forget them because its our time to be rabid fans and alumni; flex our muscles and proclaim ourselves lord of the stadium. So next time you're there, say thank you for doing something most of us probably won't do or haven't done.

Football Alumni props go to all those who show up and still support the team. One alum, Willis Love, who lives in the Pittsburgh area, still makes it to all the games as do many others who live in and out of town. Why I single out his name is simple: He is a true Bearcat and makes no apologies for it. He represents those who previous blood, sweat and tears lay dry on the same turf that is home to the new wave 'Cats. He follows them to the bowl games and watches in earnest to make sure the 'Cats represent. He has season tickets and is proud of their accomplishments and believes they can win it all. So to Willis and all the UC football alum, helmets off and hands up!

And finally to this football team; take pride in restoring pride...people now see what happens when you support your school with financial gifts and attendance. BIG things can happen. Its the graduates of the other disciplines like business, engineering, DAAP and Nursing that enable you to play on turf and ultimately practice indoors. C, everyone has a hand in UC's success, just look around.

That's the way I see it, sitting in the Box Seat.

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