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 Welcome to my blog on Cincinnati Bearcats' women's sports! Let me tell you a little about myself, and what I'd like to accomplish before we get into my first posting: First, I've been covering Cincinnati goings-ons for some 20 years now. Those of you who have been around town for a while know I started in news here in town, then jumped to ESPN back in 1997. I had five terrific years there, then came back home in 2002 to start my own sports p.r. business. Sports has always been a passion, and my schedule now allows me to cover women's sports for a number of TV outlets in the area.

 I know there is interest out there for women's athletics. I talk to women and men alike who are interested in women's sports and want more coverage. This blog is a start. But I'm always looking for your thoughts and suggestions on sports and athletes to cover, so feel free to pitch in. I'll post my email address at the bottom of the blog.

 I've been writing already about the development of the women's basketball team under new head coach Jamelle Elliott, and the plan she and her staff has to rebuild the program. The latest step in that effort came earlier this week, in the first of a series of 'meet and greets' Coach and the staff have scheduled around Greater Cincinnati.

 Now, this isn't the first time Coach Elliott has gone out to introduce herself to the community, Since her appointment in May, she's been very active in getting out to alumni and young professionals, preaching the gospel of UC women's basketball. If you don't know, she has the pedigree to back up her message, with a dozen years of coaching at the side of UConn's Geno Auriemma, four years of playing for the Huskies and six national championships to show for it.

 But what's a team without fans? And that's the message behind this community 'house party' tour. Supporting the Cats is one thing, supporting them by attending games is quite another. My former ESPN colleague, Nell Fortner, now coaching at Auburn, once said something I thought was right on target: When she was coaching the Indiana Fever WNBA team, she said she'd get requests from friends all the time for free tickets. "Now, I can get them all the free tickets they want," she said. "But I want them to BUY the tickets, give back to the program, and support us with their dollars."

 We all have more choices than ever for our entertainment dollars. We want family-friendly activites that won't break the bank. A ticket to a women's basketball game is not only a show of support for the program, it's an investment in the University and the young women who play the game. As John Wooden always said, if you want to see how the game of basketball should be played, go to a women's game. I encourage you to do the same.

 If you have suggestions on other topics or athletes you'd like to see covered, please drop me a line. My email is


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