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If you've been reading "Heard It From Hoard" for the past few years at, here's what you can expect from me on the website's new format:




I'll be writing more frequently and you will be receiving it more rapidly.


In previous years it took several hours - sometimes days - for my columns to get published.  Now, when I have information that I think you'll find interesting, I can post it on immediately.


I plan to share pre-game and post-game observations before my UC football and basketball broadcasts, and hope to tell you a few things about Bearcat players and coaches that you haven't seen or heard elsewhere.


And yes, there will be updated photos of the handsome lad.


I also plan to answer your questions.  You can e-mail me at


And if you Twitter, you can follow my tweets at


So if you've enjoyed "Heard if from Hoard" in the past, I'm sure you're going to enjoy it on the new-and-improved


Hopefully, even more.

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