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As you might know, Tony Pike won't play today. He's dressed in sweats, and Zach Collaros will be the man leading the Bearcats. So, no surprise, but it's now official.

First Quarter

UC opens the game with a Mardy Gilyard 5-yard run, and then Zach Collaros with a short pass to Ben Guidugli for the first down. I imagine we'll see plenty of both those things. Collaros looking good so far. He's dumping short passes and screens to his receivers and running backs and leting them run for big gains. Collaros just had Gilyard open on a corner route, but he overthrew him. UC runs a similar play, and it gains 16 yards. First and goal from the 2. Looked like an offsides, and it is. First and goal from the 1. Isaiah Pead takes the handoff and runs off right guard for the easy 1-yard score. That didn't seem too difficult for UC.

UC 7, Louisville 0 (10:10 to go)

First play from scrimmage for the Cards is Bilal Powell losing a yard; then Vic Anderson with a nine-yard gain brings up 3rd and 2 from the UL 28. Another run for Anderson, and he's not even close. The Cards will have to punt.

Earlier this week, Armon Binns said all the UC quarterback had to do was throw the ball up in the air and the receivers would go get it. That just happened there. Collaros threw it up for grabs, and Binns went up and got it for a 28-yard gain. Collaros runs for another 12 yards. Then another 12 yards to bring it to the UL 24. And then Binns went up and got another one - this one for the 24-yard TD pass from Collaros. The Bearcats making it look easy now.

UC 14, Louisville 0 (5:21 to go)

After Froman fumbles on the center exchange, Anderson with a 6-yard gain. Third and 5 from the UL 25. And the Cards jump. Third and 10. Froman's pass was off target, and UL to punt again. So far, UC has 167 yards of offense. UL has 13.

Collaros threading the need to Guidugli for six yards and the first down. Third and 3 from the UL 41. Only the second third down UC has faced so far. Ramsey is tripped up and is a yard short. UC goes for it and Collaros runs up the middle. He's about half-yard short, and UL will take over on downs.

Second quarter

So far, Zach Collaros has 39 yards on six carries. He's also 8 of 9 for 120 yards and TD.

Froman completes his first pass to Cameron Graham, and it's third and 5 from the UL 45. And the Cards get their first first down with an inside screen from Froman to Stephon Ball. Anderson with a nice run to the UC 29 for a 20-yard gain. Dominique Battle with the corner blitz forces Froman to throw incomplete. It'll be third and 10 from the UC 29. And the play-action doesn't fool Brandon Mills, who sacks Froman for a 10-yard loss. UL to punt.

Collaros with a nice hard throw to Gilyard across the middle for a 20-yard gain and the first down. Man, on Collaros' first-down run, Jeff Linkenbach absolutely dominated UL DE William Savoy. He blocked him to the ground, and then when Savoy tried to get up, Linkenbach bullied him back to the turf. Another nice pass to D.J. Woods on what looked like a go route up the middle of the field. It's first and 10 from the UL 15. And then another great pass, hitting Pead in stride (who beat Cards LB Chris Campa) for the 15-yard TD. Collaros, I've gotta say, looks really good. He's got 236 yards of total offense. He's also 12 of 13.

UC 21, Louisville 0 (9:01 to go)

Two runs by Anderson make it third and 1 from the UL 45. Cards give it to FB Joe Tronzo, who gains a yard and the first down. Dan Giordono with the tipped Froman pass. Darius Ashley, former St. X star, carries for nine yards. It'll be third and 1 from the UC 41. Ashely again for a nice gain for the first down. After the Bearcats finally hold Ashley to a one-yard gain, it'll be third and 2 from the UC 28. Froman with the designed sneak gets the first down. Obviously, the Cards have found something with their running game on this series, and I think some of the credit has to go to Ashley, a redshirt frehsman. Huge tackle by Giordano on Anderson on second and 1. That will make it third and 5 from the 24. Pressured by Battle and Curtis Young, Froman does a nice job getting off his pass to Troy Pascley for the first down. First and goal at the 10. Anderson rushes 5 yards. It'll be third and goal and 3. And another Cincinnati boy comes through. Froman to Josh Chichester, former Lakota West standout, for the 3-yard TD. Nice drive by Louisville that eats up nearly 8 minutes of clock. If the Cards can hold UC here, they'll get the ball to start the second half and could make this game interesting again.

UC 21, Louisville 7 (1:01 to go)

UC takes over with 53 seconds to go after a nice return by Gilyard. UC will start on its 36. Yep, Binns has some moves too. Makes the catch over the middle and then gains another 10 yards or so to the UL 42. Spike. 38 seconds to go. Corralos takes the sack by Campa and fumbles it. Linkenbach makes the recovery, but it'll be third and 17 from the UL 47. 29 seconds to go. Another nice pass, this one to Gilyard who catches it a yard short of the first down. He could have had the first down perhaps but he goes backward. FG unit has to rush to the field, but for some reason, UL calls a timeout. I don't know, maybe they had too many men on the field. Rogers for the 51-yard FG, and again, the Cards call a timeout. And it's way off, wide right. That will end the half.

UC 21, Louisville 7 (half)

First-half stats: Collaros is 14 of 15 for 222 yards and two touchdowns while rushing nine times for 45 yards. That's 267 yards of total offense. Binns has three catches for 75 yards and a score.

Vic Anderson has 10 carries for 47 yards, while Froman is 4 of 8 for 23 yards and a TD.

Third Quarter

First two plays gain UL 20 yards, but it'll be third and from the UL 43. Ashley takes the handoff and gains a tough three yards. Back-to-back penalties on the Bearcats make it first and 10 from the UC 16. First penalties of the game for UC. Froman on the designed sneak, and UC swallows him up. Penalty, though. It's personal four on UL OT Jeff Adams, and that makes it third and 23 from the UC 29. Froman scrambles for a 10-yard gain. Ryan Payne, who's kicking shoeless, hits the 36-yard field goal.

UC 21, Louisville 10 (10:27 to go)

Huge kickoff return for Gilyard. With Darrin Williams leading the way for him, Gilyard catches the ball on the 11 and makes it all the way to the UL 14 to give the Bearcats decent field position. That's a 75-yard return. Collaros to Binns for the 14-yard touchdown on first down, but it's waved off because of an illegal shift penalty. After Collaros scrambles for a two-yard gaining, brining up third and 8 on the 13. Collaros on a designed run up the middle gains five yards. Rogers is out there, and his 26-yard FG is good.

UC 24, Louisville 10 (8:38 to go)

The attendance is 35,099, which UC is calling the largest in school history. I think we can all agree, though, the Pitt game last year had more people in the stands and in the concourse.

Bad snap to Froman, and he struggles to corral it. Then he runs into Ricardo Matthews and John Hughes for a 1-yard loss. Third and six crom the UL 24, and Derek Wolfe hits him with the 7-yard sack, forcing a punt from the Cards. Wow, an absolutely terrible punt. Call that 14 yards. Didn't look like anybody touched it.

UC takes over on the UL 31. Collaros with only his second incomplete pass after it's tipped at the line. He started 14 of 15, and he quickly makes up for it with a beautiful 31-yard TD pass to Gilyard. Just a gorgeous throw. And that's Gilyard's 22nd receiving TD, tying him with the school record with Dominick Goodman.

UC 31, Louisville 10 (6:18 to go)

New QB for the Cards. It's junior Justin Burke, and he gains seven on the keeper to make it third and 2 from the UL 28. And the Cards take their final timeout. Burke had Dough Beaumont in the flat for what would have been an easy first down. But he overthrows it, and UL will have to punt again.

And yes, Pead has some speed. He takes the handoff and gallops 67 yards for the TD, giving UC a four-touchdown lead.

UC 38, Louisville 10 (4:36 to go)

It'll be third and eight from the UL 31. Inside screen to Beaumont gains the Cards the first down. Give the credit to Beaumont for that one. Burke can elude two Cards players, but he doesn't get by JK Schaffer. Tell you what, though, now that Vic Anderson is done for the day, Ashley looks pretty good running the ball. Injury timeout for Josh Byrom, who needs help getting off the field. Hughes, though, gets Ashley in the backfield for a 5-yard loss. Then, after Ashley catches a Burke pass, Ricardo Matthews drops him for another 5-yard loss. And UC with its first turnover of the day. Burke to Cameron Graham, who lets it go through his hands and Walter Stewart grabs it out of the air for the INT. UC takes over on its 45 yard line.

Chazz Anderson is in the game now, and he hits Charley Howard for the nine-yard gain. Goebel runs it for the first down.

Fourth Quarter

Anderson complete to Adrian Robinson for the first down. Some second-string skill players now in the game. Darrin Williams at running back, Charley Howard at receiver, Jamar Howard at receiver, Danny Milligan at receiver. The first team OL is till in, though. Third and 9 at the UL 27, and Anderson is incomplete to Robinson. Rogers in for the 45-yard field goal, and it's good with plenty of room.

UC 41, Louisville 10 (12:40 to go)

Bill Koch has been doing some research, and he's found that if UC wins by more than 30, it'd be the biggest Bearcats victory against Louisville since 1951.

OK, going down to the field.



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