UC-Syracuse 1st quarter

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Live from the couch:

As Tommy G reports, right tackle Sam Griffin remained in Cincinnati with the flu (not the H1N1, Brian Kelly said). That means Alex Hoffman will move to RT and C.J. Cobb will get the start at right guard.

Also, Tony Pike is not dressed out.

Syracuse wins the toss and will receive the kick. I can see why UC is concerned with Delone Carter's physicality. He loses two yards on the first carry, but he just kind of moves the pile wherever he runs. On third and 4, Greg Paulus with the quick strike to Donte Davis that gains 11. Sophomore quarterback Ryan Nassib makes an appearance, pitching it to Carter. It'll be third and 9 from the UC 41. Paulus to Antwon Bailey will make it 4th and 6 from the 38. Syracuse to punt. Grant Mayes had a chance to knock that ball down at about the 1-yard line, but the ball sneaks into the end zone for the touchback.

Huge play from Collaros to D.J. Woods, who found a seam and takes it for a 45-yard gain. But Jason Kelce is called for holding. Now, it's third and 11 from the UC 19. That was a really nice job by Collaros on the 81-yard TD pass to Armon Binns. Collaros has to buy time and then know where the line of scrimmage was so he could pass without penalty. Then, he just floats it to Binns, who runs down the sideline untouched.

UC 7, Syracuse 0 (7:24 to go)

That's probably the way Syracuse has to do it. A nice 11-yard gain by Carter and then Paulus with a quick screen Marcus Sales. Nassib back in the game and he hits Cody Catalina for an 11-yard gain. The Orange back in Cincinnati territory. Nassib does a nice job with that pumpfake. That froze Aaron Webster and allowed Bailey to get past Dominique Battle for the catch that brings the ball to the UC 10. Then, Paulus with the play-action finds a wide-open Catalina for the 10-yard TD. Wow, the Bearcats linebackers really bit on that fake, particularly J.K. Schaffer.

UC 7, Syracuse 7 (4:13 to go)

Syracuse had a chance to tackle Mardy Gilyard in the backfield on that end-around. Instead, Gilyard makes it third and 1 from the UC 29. Collaros to Guidugli for the first down. Collaros again to Guidugli, who is slow to get up. Looks like he might have taken a knee to the helmet from Bud Tribbey and that he's dazed. Still down on the field. Bob Mangine is checking his jaw, but Guidugli looks like a boxer who just got knocked out. He sits up and then walks off the field with some help. Collaros has to scramble to make it third and 3 from the SU 48. Collaros rolls to the right, and Kazeem Alli has plenty of room to make the first down catch. D.J. Woods leaps to secure the 15-yard catch to get it to the SU 22. Collaros has completed his first seven passes.


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