UC-Syracuse 3rd Quarter

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Tommy G says that John Goebel is done for the day and that Ben Guidugli's helmet is being hidden from him. Apparently, he wants back on the field.

Syracuse kick is out of bounds, meaning UC takes the ball at the Bearcats 40. Collaros throws the fade to Gilyard, and though he was interfered with, he makes a nice catch. Now, it'll be third and 10 from the SU 37. And D.J. Woods is hurting. Looks like he's hurt his right arm. He jogs off the field. Collaros to Binns for the first down. Wow, heck of a catch by Armon Binns for the 13-yard TD. It looked like the ball was going to sail out of the end zone, but somehow, Binns got up for it and snagged it for the score.

UC 21, Syracuse 7 (12:15 to go)

On third and 1 at midfield, Bailey gets nowhere. Looked like John Hughes was the first to stop him. Fourth and 1, and SU will punt.

Syracuse is just waiting for the UC run. Deep in his own territory, Pead loses yards on consecutive plays. It'll be third and 15 at the 4. Somehow, Collaros gets out of the end zone and gains a yard. UC to punt. Not a great one. SU will take over at the UC 41.

On third and 10, Paulus scrambles and Walter Stewart knocks him out of bounds three yards short of the first down. It'll be 4th and 3 from the UC 34. The Orange run the option with Nassib, he keeps it, fakes a pitch that confuses Stewart and gets the first down. Nice playcall. First time the Bearcats have seen option today. It'll be third and six from the 25. Nice job by Van Chew. He's wrapped up by Schaffer after a pass from Nassib, but he fights for another two yards and the first. Bailey gains seven to make it third and 1 from the UC 9. Carter rushes and gets the first. Bad time for another Orange turnover. Carter is hit by Frey, who causes the fumble and Wolfe falls on top of it. Another big play by the defense deep in UC territory.

C.J. Cobb cited for holding on a play in which Collaros would have gained the first down on a rush. It'll be second and 13 from the UC 7. Collaros across the middle to Adrien Robinson for the first down. Actually, Jake Ramsey does a really nice job to lose only one yard on that play. Shovel pass to Gilyard ends the third.


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