UC-USF 1st quarter

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Live from the futon in my basement:

Well, that first drive is not the way UC is going to win the time of possession game. Three and out to start the game, and it sounds loud at Raymond James Stadium.

On USF's first possession, Curtis Young in the game already. Nice tackle by J.K. Schaffer to make it third and six from the USF 15. Incomplete from B.J. Daniels. The Bulls will punt back. And UC will start in Bulls territory.

A false start penalty by D.J. Woods. Ah, there's big Joe Tresey on TV. He was usually a big help to me. Gilyard with a nice out route. He was wide open for the first down. Looking to see how well the UC OL protects Pike. Screen pass to Isaiah Pead. I expect to see plenty of screens and dump-offs to the running backs. Third and 2 at USF 17. Early on, OT Sam Griffin seems a bit overwhelmed. Jake Rogers perfect with the 37-yard field goal. Credit the Bearcats special teams and defense for that score, giving the offense such good field position.

UC 3, USF 0 (9:57 to go)

I have a buddy who lives in Tampa who said USF's fans are obnoxious and he hopes UC beats the crap out of the Bulls. So, the Bearcats have that going for them. Which is nice.

Penalty on UC on the kickoff. Offsides, and the Bearcats move 5 yards back. Rekick. USF will start at its own 42. Curtis Young makes a nice tackle to keep Daniels from the first down. But then, he limps off the field. 3rd and 1. Mike Ford gets to the outside and makes a nice gain to the UC 35. The crazy, zig zag run by Daniels will be walked back because of clipping on Zach Hermann. But just to show how you elusive Daniels is, Craig Carey missed him three times on the same play. It'll be third and three on the UC 28. According to Tommy G., Daniels and Jason Kelce are both fine. UC rushes four, and Daniels, with plenty of time, makes the Bearcats pay. He hits Jessie Hester right across the middle for the 28-yard TD. UC had nobody in the middle of the field.

USF 7, UC 3 (6:14 to go)  

Ramsey takes the direct snap, but Jurek has a bad snap and Ramsey has to fall on the fumble. Third and 10 from the UC 34. Pike has to scramble, and he's well short of the ball. That time, the OL give him good time, but he couldn't find anybody open.

Dominique Battle comes into the backfield on the option keeper, and he tackles Daniels four yards behind the line. It'll be third and 3. Daniels to Patrick Richardson for the first down, and then, a late hit after the play gives the Bulls 15 more yards. It'll be another third and 3, and this time UC pulls down Daniels. Going for it on fourth down at the UC 27. Looks like Richardson should have had the first-down catch, but he drops it. Ball was a tad behind him, though. USF turns it over on downs.

Pike told me this week he didn't have to worry about the crowd noise with the WR, because they all have hand signals. Well, so far tonight, Woods and Gilyard have been called for false starts. Pike to Armon Binns for 12 yards. Man, Jason Pierre-Paul is really making life difficult on Sam Griffin on the right side of UC's line. Now, it's third and 10 on the UC 39. Pike, right now, is not looking good. UC has to punt.

Jake Rogers - with his punting and FG - is the UC MVP of the first quarter.

Moise Plancher with a 15-yard gain to start the series. Aaron Webster has to make what could have been the TD-saving tackle on Daniels after he fakes the end-around to Plancher.

In the first quarter, you'd have to say Joe Tresey over Brian Kelly and Jim Leavitt over Bob Diaco.

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