UC-USF 2nd quarter

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In the first quarter, you'd have to say Joe Tresey over Brian Kelly and Jim Leavitt over Bob Diaco.

Wow, huge INT by Aaron Webster at the UC 15 and then runs it back to the USF 3 to give UC unbelievable field position. That's an 82-yard INT return. Then, a great catch by Binns from Pike on the sideline in the end zone for the 3-yard TD score. Man, the momentum swung just like that, eh?

UC 10, USF 7 (14:38 to go)

Man, UC looks totally confused when Daniels hands/or pretends to hand the ball to Plancher. Couple that with the fact UC is getting almost no pressure on the QB, and USF has been moving the ball. The Bulls are in UC territory. Daniels' arm, BTW, looks really good. An incompletion brings up third and 9 at the UC 33. Alex Daniels and Walter Stewart are having a tough time dragging down BJ Daniels, but he's incomplete and nearly picked off again by Webster. USF to attempt the 50-yard FG, and Delbert Alvarado is way wide right. UC takes over.

Not to pick on Sam Griffin, but man, a false start penalty on him. Pike almost pick-6'd by Jerome Murphy. Murphy will replay that in his dreams. It'll be third and 10 from the UC 33. Armon Binns tagged for the offensive pass interference, and yeah, it was pretty obvious. USF declines, and UC will have to punt.

Some people are complaining about ESPN's announcers. I don't mind them, especially Chris Fowler, but man, Jesse Palmer certainly knows how to drop the "unbelievables." On third and 2 from the USF 31, Ford takes the handoff and is dropped a yard short. USF to punt.

Jeff Linkenbach has done a pretty nice job on Selvie, but he breaks few, knocks the ball loose from Pike. Pike recovers. Third and 17. Wow, I don't see how Pike avoided the safety, drifted left and finds Woods on the sideline for the first down. That's 25 yards. Yep, officials will review. Looked good, though. I thought Woods got one foot down and then dragged the other. Unless, they say the ball was being juggled. I actually could see the ball moving a little bit. And yikes, how cheesy is that Big East commercial with the coaches e-mailing each other and fans? OK, it's a catch. First down. Two penalties on USF on the same play makes it first and 10 at the USF 46. That's a 20-yard gain on what should been a loss of yards by Ramsey. And there's that bubble screen to Gilyard that I love so much. It goes for 27 yards. First and goal at the USF 8. Heck of a catch by Armon Binns for the 8-yard TD from Pike. Heck of a way to end the drive. Well, I guess the officials will review this one. I think the catch is good. The commentators are impressed. Yep, it's good. UC touchdown. The Bearcats OL is beginning to play better as well.

UC 17, USF 7 (4:31 to go) 

I'll just point this out. On the kick-off return, Charley Howard with the shoestring tackle on Bogan. Jessie Hester, BTW, is limping to the locker room. Brandon Mills has two chances to sack Daniels for big losses, but he whiffs on both. Mills looks exhausted after that. This time, Ricardo Matthews gets Daniels for the sack, getting some help from John Hughes on the back side. Third and 12 from USF 44 with less than 2 minutes to go. Incomplete pass, and there's 1:39 to play. Pike will get another chance to score.

The Bearcats will start with 1:33 to play and 89 yards to go for the TD. Pead goes for 10 yards on the first play. Delayed call, but Pike will get called for intentional grounding. He half-heartedly complains, but it looks like the right call. Now, it'll be third and 16 from the 15. USF with the timeout to perhaps get the ball back. Zach Collaros on the field, and he hands off to Pead and gets next to nothing. And Pike is running off the field with the doc.

And Howard with another great tackle on Hornes. USF would have had it about the 50, but a 10-yard block in the back penalty moves the Bulls back 10 yards. First and 10 from the USF 41 with 43 seconds to go. No timeouts for USF. Daniels runs for 14 yards and the first down. Spike. Second and 10 from the UC 45 with 29 seconds to go. Completed pass from Daniels. First down, then a spike. First and 10 from the 34 with 19 seconds to go. Short pass play makes it second down. Spike makes it third. Illegal shift penalty on USF will move the Bulls back five yards. It'll be third and 9 from the 33. Incomplete pass, and somehow Eric Schwartz curves it inside the uprights for the 50-yard field goal with no time on the clock. Apparently, it's Tony Pike's left wrist. Tommy G said it's nothing serious, so we'll see.

UC 17, USF 10 (halftime)

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