UC-USF 3rd quarter

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UC has rushed for five yards so far today. So, you know, the Bearcats might want to try to change that. Looks like Tony Pike will play.

USF takes over at the 20. PBU by Aaron Webster, who's having a great day. It'll be third and 12 from the USF 18. Say one thing about B.J. Daniels. That dude is athletic and can avoid the sack.

On the first play from scrimmage, Pike, with an empty backfield, takes the shotgun snap and finds Gilyard for the first down. Man, the ESPN announcers are really harping on this "may be all in Tony Pike's head" thing. Kind of strange. D.J. Woods drops a pass to make it third and 10 from the USF 44. Pike scramble for the first down. DB Quenton Washington could have had a shot to stop him, but he had his back turned the entire time. Pike and Gilyard can't hook up (Gilyard actually dropped the ball), but Jerome Murphy is called for the personal foul. It'll be first and 10 from the USF 17. Craig Marshall with the sack. Griffin actually played that pretty well, but Pike held on to the ball too long. Third and 16 from the USF 23. Pike throws it away, and Pike takes a shot from two USF players. And Jake Rogers misses wide right for the 41-yard field goal. Missed opportunity inside the red zone, and Pike might be hurt again.

Dan Giordano with a big stop on Ford. Two-straight series where UC has stopped USF for a loss while running on 1st down. Now, it'll be third and 6 from the USF 27. Incomplete pass, and the Bulls to punt.

Pike has a big wrap on his wrist. He doesn't look like he's going to go in the game. It'll be Zach Collaros in the game. I expect the Bearcats to try to run now, but Pead is blasted by Pierre-Paul on first down. Then, Pierre-Paul gets Collaros before he tries to scramble. It'll be third and 11 from the UC 25. UC has to call time out. Not a great start for Collaros. Until then, of course. On the designed run, Collaros uses Ramsey as his battering ram, and he runs for the 75-yard TD run. That was a pretty solid playcall.

UC 24, USF 10 (8:34 to go)

Man, the announcers are hammering Joe Tresey now.

Heck of a catch by Bogan from Daniels. Great job on both ends. Now, USF in a Wildcat formation. Walter Stewart makes sure that formation doesn't work. USF WR A.J. Love shaken up on the play. More running from Daniels. Don't you think he'll get tired after a while? Now, Alex Daniels is down on the field and looks hurt. Third and 18 from the 50. Daniels to Plancher for 10 yards. USF to punt.

After a holding penalty on Linkenbach makes it 2nd and 14 from the UC 8, Collaros with the shovel pass to Pead, who gets to the 30. Now, it'll be third and 7 from the 33. Another chance for Jerome Murphy to pick off a UC pass. Again, he drops it. UC to punt.

Three and out for USF.

Gilyard takes the handoff from Collaros and gains 5 yards. Ramsey, with the stiff-arm, gets the first. Pierre-Paul hits Collaros' arm as he tries to throw and Nate Allen picks it off. USF gets the ball at the UC 24.

And immediately, Daniels takes advantage, rushing the ball to the UC 1. And he just dives forward for the 1-yard TD. All of a sudden, it's a game again. Well, first they're going to review it. And he got in. According to Jesse Palmer, "You can't even see him, but you can tell he's over the line." Yeah, a Florida grad.

UC 24, USF 17 (0:27 to go)

On the first play, Collaros fakes the handoff and runs for 11 yards.



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