UC-USF 4th quarter

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UC with the first and 10 and the Bearcats 41. And suddenly, UC's run game has come alive. Pead with the 13-yard gain. And that opens up Collaros for the passing. On a go route, Collaros finds an open Ben Guidugli, who barely breaks the plane of the goal line, for the 46-yard TD. Guidugli takes off his helmet, and he's cited 15 yards for unsportsmanlike conduct. Now, the play is under review to see if his knee was down. And it looks like he didn't get in. So, what happens with the penalty now if he's not in? Guidugli's elbow was down, the refs review. He's a half-yard short, and now, the Bearcats, because of the penalty, have to go back to the 15. Is it first and 10 or first and goal? I guess, first and 10. On second down, Collaros goes for the fade for Binns, but it's incomplete. Third and 11 from the USF 16. UC has to call timeout. And they'll try Binns again, and this time, it's a flag. Pass interference on Jerome Murphy. It'll be first and goal from the USF 2. Collaros on the sneak, and he's a yard short. And now, the officials are calling it a TD. And you know what, I think they're right. No review.

UC 31, USF 17 (13:14 to go)

Pike is done for the day.

Now, it looks like Ricardo Matthews is a little banged up. That's a brutal drop for Matthews. He had clearly beaten Webster and Dominique Battle, and he just dropped it. Third and 12 from the USF 13. Daniels is pushed out of bounds after a short game. USF to punt.

Ramsey gains eight yards and then Collaros rushes for the first down at the UC 46. A 15-yard facemask penalty will put it on the USF 39. (According to Tommy G., Matthews is out with cramps). That was a nice first-down run by Collaros, but Jeff Linkenbach should get credit for a bone-crunching block that sprung him on the 15-yard run. Now, it'll be third and 11 from the USF 18. Collaros to Gilyard for a short gain. Which sets up Jake Rogers for the 29-yard field goal to make it a three-possession game

UC 34, USF 17 (6:29 to go)

After the sack by John Hughes, it'll be third and 10 from the USF 25. Then, Curtis Young gets him. USF looks out on its feet.

Two running plays make it third and five from the UC 44. Collaros gains a couple, but UC will have to punt with 2:50 to play.

Third and 2 from the UC 43, and Daniels is complete to Bogan for the first down. And Drew Frey will seal the win with an interception in the end zone.

Great gutcheck for Collaros and the Bearcats. On the road, starting QB injured, a dangerous QB on the other side of the ball. UC passes the test.

UC 34, USF 17 (final)


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