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Well I knew this was going to happen eventually; Bootsy has now penned a fight/support song for UC sports. No surprise to me, having worked with him and his "By your side" wife Patti and knowing their love for all things Cincinnati. William Bootsy Collins has represented the 'Nati around the world doing songs for the Bengals and Reds; and now UC is part of his evolution revolution that showcases his talent pool as much as himself. 

UC sports of late has brought many people to the forefront of Catsville, but guys like Bootsy, Eric Davis and others have always had a fondness for the University and its sports program. I know the rumor mill is hot with whether Coach K is going to be courted by NO-Tre Dame (see my previous blog) but the hotness right now is the Rubber Band effect being laid down by one of the original Funkateers riding beats like Paul Revere. 

Bootsy has a restaurant, BootsyRubys, Millions of Gold records and CD's, Signature glasses and more guest appearances than Nick Lachey. But one thing he can't get enough of is his hometown. He lives here, flies people here to record, encourages people to love it here and then gives them reasons why. 

His new reason is UC sports, football and basketball specifically, but we must remember there's a Gold and Silver medalist among us; College basketball's greatest player among us and plenty of NFL and NBA players among us and so much more. UC sports has a rich history and its getting better. Why just last night UC  beat a ranked Vandy Team in Maui and BCS talk continually dominates our water cooler.

So here's to Bootsy and to you; whether you write a song, come up with a slogan, saying or you just cheer. UC or any athletic program is only as good as its fan base and its space bass. And we're funkin' on Bobba' in the key of C, UC!

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