BCS Playofffs Start Now!

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OK; everyone has released their collective breaths after the UConn game this past weekend that saw ABC send in the A-Team, signaling the continual rise of the Bearcats in national popularity or at least curiosity. While the offense probably won some recruits the defense gave others hope for victory with a legitimate running game. I would imagine Coach Kelly will have that fixed before the Mountaineers get here.

Speaking of West Virginia, the playoffs start now for UC; not as if every game up until now didn't matter, it just means to have any chance of playing in the title game, winning against them, Illinois and Pitt with some upsets along the way could put UC in position to play for all the marbles and avenge a less than average showing last year in Miami in a BCS showcase. I'm not convinced the BCS Mess of a selection process will let UC play this year no matter what happens but that's for us to worry about. If this team wins out and some teams lose it gives us a chance to clamor for a grand jury investigation and even file injunctions for the heck of it. But more importantly it gives us a stronger in-state presence with recruits and signals to the rest of college football, the talent that made all the other schools powerhouses are now staying at home. That will ultimately make us a top ranked team at the beginning of the season and from there we control our own destiny. Ask Florida, Southern Cal and Texas what that means. They start out number(s) 1-3 and from there they just ride the wave through the end of the season. Even if they lose their conference game they're still in position to win it all.

So it starts this week and runs through Pittsburgh and from there who knows what. But one thing I do know is this: We're talking about the University of Cincinnati playing for the national championship in football and its legit. Ironically if they don't play for that game they'll probably play in a BCS game and that's more everything for UC. Money, enrollment, merchandise sales and yes even more bandwagon alumni. Can't knock them; whether they get on board now or later they're coming back home and that's a good thing...

That's the way I see it sitting in the Box Seat.

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