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OK; Charlie Weiss is not living up to his arrogance at Notre Dame and Tom Brady is still winning without him in New England. Well as long as Air Bill doesn't make anymore 4th down mistakes. I digress; I would assume the Losing Irish will come after UC's coach, if they have any sense but I don't think for one minute he will leave. UC is stepping up like a major institution should to keep their coach and that was more evident with the commitment today to fund more practice facilities.

So what if NO-tre Dame calls? let them talk and see how it feels to be in our rear view mirror. I'm not saying it to sound sarcastic but to sound realistic. UC has been on ESPN, ABC Prime Time and if it wasn't for thier contract with NBC NO-tre Dame would only be on ESPN classic at 3 in the morning because the last time they really won get my point.

There's not much to complain about around campus even though these games are aging you at the end. I just didn't' like the 2 QB move last week; I respect and consider Coach Kelly my man but Zach is winning like Randall Cunningham did in Minnesota when Brad Johnson came back and the coach stayed with the hot hand. I think he was pressing a little later trying to prove he "belonged" in the game, but that's just me. If I'm making shots with one player, I'm not passing the ball to someone else because he was making shots. In sports its right now and right now. So how cool is that? we're not only winning but we have a little QB debate going on. Only when you win can you enjoy those kind of perks. If you're losing it would be a pain.

Either way this has been a great season regardless of how it ends and it appears the end is a showdown with Pitt, who will probably get a bonus from the Steeler Nation if they beat somebody in Cincinnati. But don't look past Illinois as they have very little to play for and a win against high profile UC would make them fell good going into the holidays. All in all its fun watching UC isnt' it.

The only thing that could make me feel better is our Coach K telling NO-tre Dame NO-Thank You. We're winning, building and believing the best is yet to come at UC.

That's the way I see it, sitting in the Box Seat...


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