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Here it is; here it comes. Nothing left for Pitt to play for but beating us. The Steelers didn't with 2 cracks and now the only chance the Steel City has to win a football game against any Cincinnati team will be this weekend.

I am confident of one thing: This will be one head banger of a game but I expect UC to win because of Coach K. I don't think there are too many coaches that prepare a team for big conference games like him. So expect UC to be ready and expect Zach to possibly play to really confuse the Panthers. Unless Dan Marino and Hugh Green are coming back UC should be able to leave with a "dub" (victory). If they don't, please don't start that crying game about our season being lost. UC football has been on prime time more than ever and that means more exposure to top talent who love the style of play, that they're winning and the uniforms aren't too shabby either. Being on in prime time means a live audition in front of millions of people who didn't know you or how you "get down" (play).

So while we expect UC to beat Pitt, remember they have players and play makers too. They have something to play for too; but in the end it will be a pitt-i-full year for football in Pittsburgh as it relates to playing against teams from the 'Nati. 

I'm not scared to say it now: Congratulations UC football for an undefeated regular season in the Big East!

That's the way I see it sitting in the Box seat...

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