UC 69, Maryland 57 (final) thoughts

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Yet another miss by Cashmere Wright. Misses a layup. But on the same possession, Bishop rebounds a missed Vaughn 3, sticks it back and takes the foul.                                                       
Wright picks up his third foul with 17:42 to go. And then immediately, Jaquon Parker picks up his third.

Not a great first 3 minutes for UC. Misses 6 of 7 shots, commits three fouls, a couple turnovers.

But Dixon again to the rescue. Tips in a missed Vaughn shot, then drills an 18 footer.

UC 39, Maryland 26 (14:47 to go)

Maryland's full-court pressure is beginning to bother UC. That's at least two bad turnovers from the Bearcats.

UC certainly isn't shy about fouling. 6:57 into the second half, and the Bearcats have been whistled for six fouls.

Looks like Stephenson took a shot in the jaw from Padgett with his elbow.                            

UC 46, Maryland 35 (11:18 to go)

Wright picks up his fourth foul on 10:06 on a stupid reach-in from the backside. Not what you'd call a smart foul.

Luckily for UC, Maryland is shooting about 50 percent from the foul line.

Gates is heating up. Probably because his teammates are feeding him the ball in the post.

Maryland has to call time out, down by 16 with 9:15 to go.

UC 55, Maryland 42 (7:31 to go)

Nice hustle by Stephenson. With the shot clock running down, Vaughn fires up a 3 and misses. But the frehsman is there to grab the offensive rebound. Then, a few seconds later, Wright misses one and Gates gets the rebound.

I think Bishop just picked up his fourth foul.

UC 62, Maryland 48 (3:22 to go)

Maryland closes to within 10, but the Terps can't get any closer.

Maryland tests out Cashmere Wright's late-game nerves, but he hits 3 of 4 free throws.

What's been impressive about UC these past two games is its ability to keep a lead. The Bearcats have lead by double-digits the past two games, and their opponents have made runs of their own. But it seems like whenever they draw to within seven, the Bearcats tighten their defense and start scoring more points. It's a game of runs, and UC has done a really nice job blunting its opponents chances.

One problem, though. For the second game in a row, the Bearcats were outshot handily in free throws. They simply aren't drawing enough fouls.

Still, another good win.

UC 69, Maryland 57 (final)

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