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About 20 minutes before the game, the band is playing Alice Cooper's "School's Out," which is appropriate. One scribe jokingly asked me if students were on Winter Break. I just counted 25 people in the student section next to the band. Hmm.

Some more are beginning to filter in now, as I type.

UC's starting five: Wright, Vaughn, Stephenson, Gates and Toyloy.

First Half

UC wins the tip, and Stephenson feeds a beautiful pass to Gates in the post. Wide-open dunk, and Gates blows it. Still, heck of a feed.

Prairie View rushes out to an 8-3 lead with back to back 3-pointers by Dorian McDaniel and Michael Griffin. Mick calls the timeout and inserts Dion Dixon for Vaughn.

Make that 11-3 after another 3 from Griffin.

UC has missed its first seven shots.

PVAM 13, UC 3 (15:56 to go)

It only takes 5:01, but UC finally hits a FG. And the band throws that confetti in the air like there's no tomorrow.

Larry Davis is heating up. He hits the 3 that ends that long drought, and then he finishes a three-point play after he was fouled in the lane and hit his shot.

Prairie View better hope it keeps hitting those 3s. It's got very little chance to win otherwise. No height and all that. So far, 5 of 9 from the 3. UC, meanwhile, is 3 of 14 from the floor.

PVAM 21, UC 12 (11:53 to go)

Stephenson just bricked a 3-pointer quite badly. Nice rebound by Gates to keep it alive. Then, Gates blocks Brandon Webb's runner.

UC threatens to cut the lead to six, but Wright misses a FT, and Darnell Hugee buries a 3.

Vaughn's shot is blocked by Hugee and then, as he's falling to the floor, he fouls Hugee with his second. He'll take a seat on the bench.

UC is 3 of 13 from the 3, and Prairie View is actually out-rebounding UC 15-14.

Lance Stephenson goes to the locker room with what looks like a lower left leg injury.

PVAM 28, UC 18 (7:44 to go)

PVAM comes out with a trapping defense, and it works. Larry Davis double-dribbles. I wonder if UC will start to put more defensive pressure on the Panthers at some point. Then, Wilks puts up a poor effort of a 3. This is not what you'd call good basketball.

After Duwan Kornegay hits a 3-pointer from about 26 feet, Mick calls timeout and calmy asks who's man that was. The crowd is getting restless. Some booing on the timeout.

PVAM 33, UC 18 (4:58 to go)

UC goes 5:19 without a point before Wilks dunks off the rebound and Stephenson - who obviously is back in the game - follows it up with a finger roll.

UC's post players are having a tough time with the 6-7, 205-pound Hugee. He's made 6 of 8 shots for a game-high 13 points and four rebounds.

PVAM 35, UC 22 (3:11 to go)

Gates was posting up Hugge, who's about four inches shorter than Gates. He hesitated for some reason until people started yelling at him to take Hugge to the hoop. Finally, Gates agreed that he should and hits the turnaround jumper.

UC cuts the lead to six on Stephenson's three-point play with 30 seconds to play in the half. A defensive stop would be good for the Bearcats. But no, the ball bounces to Kornegay, who banks in a shot with 2 seconds to play.

UC shoots 28.6 percent from the floor, 16.7 from the 3. Prairie View is 41.2 and 46.7, respectively.

Vaughn is 0 for 6 from the floor. Stephenson is 2 for 8. Gates is 1 for 3. They've combined for 11 points. Meanwhile, Hugge has 13 points.

PVAM 38, UC 30 (half)

No Vaughn to start the second. Larry Davis is in instead. Dion Dixon is the first guard off the bench.

Still not sure why the Bearcats aren't feeding Gates or Toyloy in the post. Prairie View is playing man defense too.

Dion Dixon hits a 3 from the top of the key, and at the same moment Dorian McDaniel is called for a foul. UC will get the ball back losing by 5. Larry Davis turns it over, and on the other end, Christopher Jones hits a 3.

Vaughn enters with 17:44 to go.

If you thought Prairie View was going to roll over in the second half, you'd be wrong. Panthers take a 10-point lead briefly.

PVAM 46, UC 38 (14:57 to go)

Vaughn hits his first FG with 14:25 to go.

PVAM beginning to look like you'd expect them to look; haven't scored in about 5 minutes. Still, UC isn't playing well enough to grab a lead.

PVAM 46, UC 42 (11:54 to go)

Prairie View has missed eight straight shots. But still lead by four. Nine straight.

But Vaughn hits a 3 and Gates with a nasty dunk off a Stephenson missed shot to take a lead. Place is going crazy. First lead since 3-2.

UC 47, PVAM 46 (9:26 to go)

Ten straight misses. See, this is what happens when Prairie View can't make a 3.

Finally a layup by Hugee. Might be too late for Prairie View.

UC 52, PVAM 48 (7:11 to go)

Now, UC can't miss from 3. Larry Davis hits one to put UC up by seven. He has a team-high 13 points.

Well, Deonta Vaughn is beginning to play like a player who can take over a game. That's because he is. He picks up his fourth foul with 4:31 to play, though. Wright will replace him in the lineup.

UC 61, PVAM 52 (3:43 to go)

Hugee picks up his fourth foul on the Cashmere Wright drive. He will stay in the game. UC lead is six after Wright misses both FTs.

McDaniels misses a layup that would have cut the lead to 4. UC is burning some clock.

Hugee picks up No. 5 with 2:09 to play. He's done for the day. He finishes with 16 points.

UC's interior passing, though, still leaves a little to be desired. That's the 16th turnover.

UC 64, PVAM 57 (1:40 to go)

Field goal, time out. Field goal, time out.

UC 66, PVAM 59 (0:50 to go)

Kornegay hits a 3 with 32 seconds to go to cut the lead to 67-62.

Stephenson misses two FTs (well, three really because of a lane violation), but Tarrence Garrison misses a jumper that pretty much will seal UC's victory.

Vaughn leads the way with 15 points on 4 of 14 shooting. Davis with 13 and Wright with 12. Gates finishes with five points and 10 rebounds. Overall, UC shoots 39.3 from the field, 26.7 from the 3. Outrebound PVAM 47-32.

But still, not what you'd call a sterling debut for the Bearcats..

UC 69, PVAM 62 (final)

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