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Honestly, I'll be a little surprised if UC struggles tonight vs. Toledo. The Rockets are coming off a loss to Eastern Illinois (they also took an L against Central (Ohio) State in an exhibition), and their roster consists of two juniors, four sophomores and nine freshmen. They're tied with Saint Francis (Pa.) for the most scholarship freshmen in the country.

Also, late note here on press row: 6-10 center Kelvin Gaines, out of Jacksonville, signed his letter of intent with UC.

From Mick Cronin in a statement: "Kelvin Gaines is a natural born shot blocker and we are thrilled to announce his signing. Kelvin and his family are great people and we are excited about helping him develop as a person and a player.  KG can run and jump and is going to be pushing 250 pounds once we get him in our strength program. He is very athletic, plays above the rim and has a nice jump hook.  He is also a bright, mature young man that will be a great addition for our entire University."

So, there you go.

First Half

Unlike the PVAM game, UC doesn't need much time to score its first field goal. Bearcats pass the ball around the perimeter, get it inside to Gates, go back outside and Gates eventually hits a 16-foot jumper.

Expect Toledo to play plenty of zone defense to keep Gates and Toyloy from causing too much damage. Center Justin Anyijong is tall at 6-9, but he's very, very skinny. Jordan Dressler is 6-8, 245, but he's also a freshman.

Gates hits another long jumper to give UC a nine-point lead. UC hits six of its first eight shots before Toledo takes a timeout.

UC 14, Toledo 3 (15:51 to go)

Gates with another jumper, this time a 6-footer and he's fouled. FT upcoming.

UC 16, Toledo 3 (15:18 to go)

Jaquon Parker scores the first points of his career with a 3.

Not surprisingly, forward Mouhamed Lo is struggling to score in the post vs. Gates.

UC is 10 of 14 from the floor and 3 of 6 from the 3. Conversely, Toledo is 3 of 11 from the field.

UC 24, Toledo 8 (11:53 to go)

Rashad Bishop with the nice rebound in the lane and then scores the layup to put the Bearcats up by 15. A few minutes later, he does it again.

The Rockets are heating up a bit from the outside. Anyijong and Stephen Albrecht hit back to back 3s to cut the lead to 26-17. Mick takes a timeout.

Albrecht hits another 3. He's 3 for 3 on the perimeter tonight.

UC 31, Toledo 20 (7:47 to go)

Gates doing a better job of getting shots tonight. He's 4 for 5 from the floor.

UC has turned up its defense a notch. Deflections and blocked shots galore. Bearcats still turning it over a bit. Six already.

Rashad Bishop has been impressive so far with nine pints and four rebounds.

Still, the Rockets' shooting percentage is increasing (I declined to use some sort of cutesy phrase. Like "lifting off" or "shooting toward the sky." I hope you appreciate it). Anyway, it's at 44 percent from the floor and 60 from the 3.

UC 38, Toledo 28 (2:40 to go)

Stephenson does a nice job of forcing a Rockets turnover, but then, when he's all by himself, he completely blows a dunk off the front of the rim. He might be a little gassed. He takes a seat on the bench and is breathing awfully heavy. He's also fidgeting with his left ankle.

Larry Davis hits a 3 with about 3 seconds to go to five UC a 16-point lead.

UC is 52.6 percent from the floor, 38.5 percent from the 3. Bishop leads the way with 13 points, Stephenson has 10. Vaughn, Bishop and Toyloy have four rebounds a piece. Vaughn has seven points and six assists.

Toledo is shooting 46.4 from the floor and 63.6 percent from the 3. Albrecht is 4 for 4 from outside.

UC 49, Toledo 33 (half)

Something to keep in mind: the last time UC scored more than 100 points in a game: Dec. 30, 2005.

Toledo continues to hit its 3-point attempts (it's at 66.7 percent). And just like that, Toledo is within eight.

UC 51, Toledo 41 (17:23 to go)

UC's defense still has a ways to go.

UC 53, Toledo 43 (15:52 to go)

Bishop's 17 points give him a career high, but UC still getting torched on defense.The Rockets hits seven of their first eight shots of the half.

Gates with the dunk, the foul and the 3-point play. Wonder if that will give the Bearcats some momentum. Yep, Larry Davis hits a 3, and Toledo calls timeout.

UC 66, Toledo 49 (12:15 to go)

Albrecht finally misses a shot. He was 6 for 6 on the floor.

UC is on a 13-0 run.

UC 70, Toledo 49 (10:33 to go)

After playing well during the exhibition games, Darnell Wilks continues to make mistakes in the regular season. A lane violation by Wilks gives Lo another chance at a FT. He misses that one too, but Toledo gets the rebound.

But he makes up for some of that with an athletic layup, the foul and the 3-point play.

UC 73, Toledo 55 (7:43 to go)

Anthony McClain makes his first appearance of the season with 5:55 to play. Shaved dome and all. And he immediately gets a rebound.

UC 85, Toledo 65 (3:06 to go)

Eddie Tyree and Alex Eppensteiner make their first appearances of the season. Eppensteiner misses a runner, much to the crowd's dismay, but Tyree with the layup with 1 second left. He smiles big after that.

Well, UC's offense was better. Team shoots 52.1 from the floor and 34.6 from the 3. Rashad Bishop leads the way with a career-high 20 points to go with eight rebounds and four assists. Stephenson with a career-high 16 points, Gates with 14. Vaughn finishes with 13 points and nine assists.

Toledo was 49.1 percent from the floor, 52.4 percent from the 3 and 45.5 from the foul line. Barnett scores 21 and Albrecht with 19.

UC with 10 turnovers; Toledo with 16.  

UC 92, Toledo 68 (final)

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