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It's about 35 minutes before the game, and Tony Pike is on the field and in uniform warming up. He and Zach Collaros are alternating snaps.

Well, the atmosphere is pretty electric I would say. Everybody seems to be in their seats early.

First quarter

Zach Collaros is your starting quarterback and a quick handoff to Jake Ramsey, who bullies his way for eight yards. Kazeem Alli is your first TE in the game. First three touches go to Ramsey and the Collaors hits Mardy Gilyard for the first down. Three-straight to Gilyard. UC just marching on down the field. A looong run by Ramsey brings the ball to the 1-yard line. He found a seam off left guard and went 44 yards. It looked like Collaros hit Adrien Robinson on the fade for the 1-yard score, and the flag flies. Defensive pass interference, but the play is under review. Looked like Robinson had it, even though the official said incompete. Perhaps a question of whether he had control of the ball before he went out of bounds. It looked like he was holding the ball over his head as he went out of bounds. The review has been upheld. I'll be first and goal at the 1. Isaiah Pead runs off left tackle and looks like he's met before the goal line, but officials rule it a TD. And yeah, on the review, it looked like he pushed his way in there.

UC 7, UConn 0 (12:03 to go)

Bad snap to start the offense for UConn, but Zach Frazer jumps up to get it and and pitches it to Jordan Todman to gain seven yards. Thirteen-yard pass from Frazer to Jory Johnson, and then Andre Dixon for a nice rushing gain. The Huskies moving the ball down the field as well in their no-huddle offense. Aaron Webster infiltrates the backfield and stops Dixon for a 1-yard loss. WR Marcus Easley takes the end-around and gains 11 yards for the first down. UConn is at the UC 25. Man, these UConn running backs are quick and shifty. Luckily, Dixon runs into an official. Otherwise he might have scored. Still, first and goal from the UC 7. And Todman, behind some UConn blockers, runs in basically untouched for the 6-yard TD. That looked pretty easy for the Huskies.

UC 7, UConn 7 (7:27 to go)

On the kickoff return, Collin McCafferty goes down and stays down. Eventually, he gets up and runs off the field, but it didn't look good. Pead gets it started with a 10-yard gain. Midway through the first, UC already has 72 yards rushing. Now, center Chris Jurek goes down and takes a while to get off the field. Evan Davis replaces him and will snap to Collaros. I don't know how Gilyard caught that with Blidi Wreh-Wilson had his hands up in the air. Great pass by Collaros and a great catch by Gilyard. It went 54 yards and it's at the UConn 22. Collaros runs around for a while and loses two yards. It'll be third and 12 from the UConn 24. Chris Jurek, by the way, is back in the game. Collaros is incomplete, bringing up fourth down. Jake Rogers nails the 41-yard FG to give UC the lead once again.

UC 10, UConn 7 (4:57 to go)

Tommy G. reports that McCafferty has a head injury and is being evaluated. On first down, Curtis Young gets Dixon from behind for a 1-yard loss. It'll be third and 11 from the UConn 29. Alex Daniels crushes Frazer, and Dominique Battle had the chance for the INT (and possibly a pick-6). But he flat out drops it. Or, in Bengals parlance, we call that a flash.

Delay of game before the Bearcats take a snap. Collaros has completed seven passes to Gilyard for 108 yards so far. And there are still 2 minutes left in the first quarter. It'll be third and 1 from the Huskies 35. Collaros on the designed sneak, but he's met by Lawrence Wilson fora  1-yard loss. UC will go for it. Ben Guidugli, who suffered a concussion last week, is playing tonight, BTW. On fourth and 2, UC has to call timeout. Collaros rolls right and finds D.J. Woods for a 24-yard completion. It'll be first and 10 at the Huskies 12.

Second quarter

Collaros to Woods for eight yards. Collaros is hit hard by Wreh-Wilson at the goal line, but he gets through anyway for the 4-yard touchdown. Another nice drive by the Bearcats.

UC 17, UConn 7 (14:12 to go)

According to Tommy G., McCafferty has a concussion and is done for the day. You'd think UConn can't afford to fall too far behind. Frazer to Marcus Easley for the first down. Frazer to Kashif Moore on the screen, but Walter Stewart with the nice tackle, bringing up third and 4 from the Huskies 41. Timeout UConn. Frazer complete to FB Anthony Sherman for the first down. Then Frazer hits Easley for the 25-yard gain to get into UC territory. Dixon is hit by Andre Revels to lose a yard. It'll be third and six from the UC 25. Frazer to Easley, but he can't handle it. Fourth down and Dave Teggart on for the 42-yard FG. And he hits it.

UC 17, UConn 10 (9:47 to go)

Man, Mardy Gilyard looks good on these kickoff returns. Here he picks the ball up on the gaol line, and sprints down the right sideline before he's stopped at the UC 39. Oops, a tripping penalty on Jason Kelce brings it back to the 29. First and 20. Collaros to Binns cuts that in half. Then, Collaros to Woods gains the first down. But a penalty, and it's a penalty for unneccessary roughness on Alli. UC keeps the first down but moves back to the UC 43. After Collaros scrambles and throws away the ball, it'll be third and 9 from the 44. That was just Collaros' third incompletion. Naturally, Collaros then goes to Gilyard across the middle for a first down. A little jump pass, a la Tim Tebow, to Robinson, who gains 20 yards. Ball not the Huskies 17. Now, it's third and 8 from the 15. Woods neawrly has the first down, but is tripped up by the Huskies two yards short. Fourth and 2 from the 10. UC will call timeout. Jake Rogers out to attempt the 27-yard FG, and he hits it. I'm sure the Bearcats wouldn't mind a three-and-out for UConn here.

UC 20, UConn 10 (4:49 to go)

That's two drops by UC defensive backs today. Aaron Webster had a sure pick on the sideline, but it bounces right out of his hands. Third and 5 from the UConn 25. Frazer throws too high and is incomplete. UC will decline the holding penalty, and, just like I predicted (sort of), UConn with the three and out. Gilyard, at first, backs away from the punt, then tries to get it, misses it (but apparently touches it) and then knocks it out of bounds.

Collaros fakes the handoff to Ramsey and gains 18 yards to the UC 35. Two handoffs to Ramsey brings up a third and 6 from the UC 40. I'll tell you what: I'm not sure you know this , but UC's receivers are really pretty damn good. Collaros to Binns for the 19-yard first down. Heck of a catch. And then of course, just an amazing throw and catch to Binns, who shakes off the pass interference penalty and makes the 41-yard score. That was impressive.

UC 27, UConn 10 (1:48 to go)

It'll be third and two from the UConn 25, and a host of Bearcats sack Frazer. UC takes a timeout with 28 seconds left so the Huskies have to punt. Second straight three-and-out for UConn.

UC goes all out for the punt block, but UConn gets off the kick. D.J. Woods, instead of Gilyard, calls for the fair catch. A hail mary that Gilyard tips to Adrien Robinson, who steps out of bounds at the 8.That was pretty ridiculous. First and 10 from the UConn 8 with  12 seconds to play. Collaros throws it away. Then, Rogers sets up for the field goal, and things get weird. Collaros, the holder, takes the snap and throws it out of bounds immediately. He's penalized for intentional grounding. So, UC quickly sets up the 34 yard field goal, snaps it with 2 seconds to play and Rogers hits it. Weird. Like C. Trent says, though, you just can't give UC any opening.

UC 30, UConn 10 (half)

Some halftime stats: Collaros is 19 of 24 for 333 yards and a touchdown. Gilyard has nine catches for 127 yards. Ramsey has 79 yards on seven carries.

Third quarter

UConn starts at its own 30 and moves the ball into UC territory. It'll be third and 9 from the UC 44. Screen to Todman is a tad high and a tad hard. Incomplete. Huskies will punt to Gilyard. UC will start at its own 6.

It's always a pleasure to welcome in Bootsy Collins to the press box. Even if your back is to the press box elevator, the air feels different when Bootsy walks in. And UC will have to punt for the first time today. Three and out.

UConn starts at its own 43. Frazer to Brad Kanuch for the first down to get inside UC territory. And apparently, the Huskies haven't given up. Todman finds a hole off right guard and bursts through for the 46 yard TD.

UC 30, UConn 17 (9:59 to go)

UConn seems to have picked up a litlte momentum. I'm sure UC will try to squash that. And yes, Pead is quick too. He gains 18 yards for the first down. Then, Collaros to Gilyard for an 18-yard pickup. Ball at the UConn 37. Pead for no gain on second down, and it'll be third and 1 at the UC 28. Collaros fakes the handoff, breaks a Lawrence Wilson tackle and scampers into the end zone for the 28-yard score. And UC has some breathing room.

UC 37, UConn 17 (7:03 to go)

Frazer opens the series by eating Easley for a 28-yard pass.On second down, Frazer tries to hit Kashif Moore, and he gets hammered by two Bearcats. It''ll be third and 10 from the UConn 48. Frazer way off on that pass. UConn will punt.

As UC takes the ball with 5:24 to play in the third quarter, UC has accumulated 545 yards of total offense. Collaros has to scramble and somehow finds Alli for a 38-yard gain. Third and 10 from the UC 48. Inside screen to Gilyard gains 8, bringing up fourth and 2 at the UConn 44. Bearcats will take a timeout. Bearcats will punt. Maybe they shouldn't have. Robert McClain takes the punt 87 yards for the touchdown after a UC special teams breakdown. You know what that means, though. More Bearcats offense.

UC 37, UConn 24 (2:08 to go) 

It kind of looks like Collaros is playing a video game here. He hits Binns for a 31-yard completion to bring it to the UConn 38. Collaros to Woods, and Gilyard with a nice block for a 12-yard gain. It'll be third and 1 from the 17.

Fourth quarter

Collaros has to throw the ball away. Fourth and 1, and the FG unit comes out. Rogers is perfect for the 35-yard field goal.

UC 40, UConn 24 (14:51 to go)

Entering the fourth quarter, Collaros has 447 yards passing and 68 yards rushing. That equals 515 yards of total offense.

Todman with nine yards to make it third and 1 for the UConn 41. Todman with the first down. And the Huskies keep the pressure on. Frazer to Kashif Moore, who beats Drew Frey for the 53-yard touchdown. Well, we're under review now. I think Moore's knee was down before the ball crossed the plane. And it was. First and goal from the UC 1. And Todman with the easy 1-yard TD. Todman to Easley for the 2-point conversion. Hell, UC might need 800 yards of offense just to win this game.

UC 40, UConn 32 (13:21 to go)

Collaros tries to get it to Gudugli but it falls incomplete. It looked like Collaros had Binns open down field but he rushes for two yards before going out of bounds. It'll be third and 8 from the UC 32. Collaros keeps and is short of the first down. And you know what? The crowd begins to boo.

UConn takes over at its 38. After a Todman carry, it'll be third and 3 from the UConn 45. About five Bearcats had a shot at Todman, but somehow he gets the first down. Short pass, Todman short run. Third and 1 at the UC 43. Looks pretty close, as the Bearcats gang-tackled him. Nope, didn't get it. Fourth and inches. Todman gets it that time. First down. Todman with another gain, and Dominique Battle with the personal foul facemask. That brings the ball to the UC 11.Todman gains three yards to the 8. Anthony Sherman gains three yards. Third and four from the 5. Todman again, and he's a yard short. Fourth and 1 from the 2. Todman bullies his way into the end zone for the 2-yard score. Just an unreal game we've got going here. Play is under review and Edsall drops his headset in exasperation. Yeah, the review stands. And Curtis Young with the huge sack of Frazer on the two-point conversion. That might be the play of the game.

UC 40, UConn 38 (5:03 to go)

Nice kickoff return by Gilyard. Brings the ball to the UC 44. Collaros somehow avoids the sack and finds Ramsey on the sideline for the 11-yard gain and the first down. Play-calling has been very conservative. Collaros with a short pass to Alli. Gains three yards. It'll be third and 6 from the UConn 41. Collaros to Gilyard on the slant for an 18-yard gain. Big, big play. UConn takes its second timeout. UC keeps putting the ball in the hands of its experienced players. Ramsey with an eight yard gain. UConn with its final timeout. Collaros keeps and loses three. Third and five from the 18. Collaros with the fake playaction and appears to get the first down. The offical marks him short, though, and peopl are not happy about it. Play is under review. Wow, that's really close. His foot hit the out of bounds line, but it's unclear whether the ball crossed the imaginary first down line. If I'm guessing, I'm saying he did not get it. And he didn't. Fourth and 1, and give the ball to Pead. Great stutter-step and somehow he gets in for the 13-yard TD. Robert Vaughn had a shot at him, but Pead's stutter step froze him.

UC 47, UConn 38 (1:52 to go)

Going to field. Hold the fort down for me.

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