Your Best Shot

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Typically when you play a good defensive team the coach tells you work the ball around and/or get the best shot possible. Well that's what we need to do with UC Womens basketball this season and next. This team is a construction project for sure and that means it won't be built in a day. Make sure as you're evaluating the progress of the team you don't compare our coach to UConn's coach and our team to UConn's team. It wouldn't be fair to anyone especially Connecticut. Yes our coach came from the storied program but the only thing she brought with her was herself and some philosophies from Geno. The rest will be hers and hers alone. She will call the timeouts, set up the practices, determine who starts, etc. She will learn and grow as much as the players will and hopefully we'll grow with her.

Jamelle Elliott is a winner and with that comes knowledge of how to win; but she can't reincarnate herself on the court. All I expect is to see a team playing hard, playing together and believing in each other. I know she'll demand respect and her coaching staff will lend credibility as well. I'm excited at the possibility of new recruits who will be attracted to a UConn offspring and what they can build together. I wish her well because this is not a women's college hoop town but its growing. I know they are putting marketing dollars behind this team so you can sample the product and that's good. Admittedly with the hiring of Mick in basketball and Coach K in football the AD's deserve the benefit of the doubt on their second selection for the women.

So lets rally round the ladies; and men if you want some good father daughter time, I've got a suggestion...It might be your best shot to bond with her and let her see what's possible. Any quality time spent with your daughter is a high percentage shot at a better relationship. That's the way I see it sitting in the Box Seat.

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