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Basketball game starts in 35 minutes, so real quickly, here's what I wrote about on my Twitter account today (You really should be following me, BTW).

(5 hours ago) FYI, the football banquet that was open to the media is now closed. Some 1 on 1 availability from 5-6 p.m. But no filming and no admittance. (This was when I figured that this was the beginning of the end).

(4 hours ago) #Bearcats fans thoughts: Brian Kelly (two weeks ago) = the greatest man ever. Brian Kelly (today) = scum of the earth.

(4 hours ago)
Food for thought. @iPead writes "Damn Bryan... say it ain't so dogg." Maybe he's talking about a Bryan who spells his name w/ a 'Y.'

(3 hours ago)
From the South Bend Trib: "ND athletic dpt employees have been put on notice that 'casual Friday' has been canceled. Bus. attire required."

(3 hours ago)
Tony pike: no players meeting today. We know what you guys know. He told us we would be the first to know.

(3 hours ago)
Tony pike: mood of the team is anxious. We want to find something out.

(3 hours ago)
Pike: we feel he has been honest with us. Dont think he would go behind our back.

(2 hours ago)
John goebel says he expects kelly here tonight. Saw him today at Uc.

(2 hours ago)
Kelly enters. "no word. We are here to celebrate our seniors."

(2 hours ago)
Brad jones: you cant blame him. Its a tremendous amount of money.

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