Bear-ly Winning Counts Too

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Oh what a collective sigh of relief we let go of after UC's win over Pitt Saturday. I honestly thought they would win the game but rest assured I was glued to the TV looking for a sign and then I saw it; a missed extra point by Pitt and I knew it was going to happen. UC with that much time on the clock, weapons galore, and a coach who isn't scared to use them all has the makings of a classic come from behind win as sure as I'm blogging. 

And now they're undefeated, headed to the Sugar Bowl to play Florida who was number one for most of the season. Two straight years we're headed to a major Bowl and as of right now the best team in Ohio is the University of Cincinnati, not Ohio State. I didn't get into the debate but the facts are simple: UC is undefeated and headed to a BCS Bowl and Ohio State isn't. UC has appeared as the jewell game on ESPN and ABC and Ohio State hasn't (as much).

So now the challenges are two fold; make a better showing than last year when the deer in the headlights kept them from showing the country just how good they were and yes, keep Coach K in Clifton. The first one might be harder than the second one as Florida is upset after their embarrassing loss to Alabama and needs to gain their respect and swagger back. I really think Coach K knows he's building something so special here they will eventually name buildings after him, allow him to do fundraisers of epic proportion and ask and get whatever he wants. What he wants is a first class program that has his name on it. Notre Dame has more names on their program than congress has disagreements.

But for the moment, put it all aside and like a beautifully rolled cuban cigar, enjoy the taste of a winner. An undefeated, BCS bound, Big East champion blend. How aromatic; can you smell it...ahhhhh its a championship team in your own back yard. Congratulations UC Football, history has been made and its yours to enjoy!

And that's the way I see it, sitting in the Box Seat...

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