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OK, OK we all held out hope but in the end the dream job won over the dream season. Brian Kelly is the new head coach of the fighting Irish and and with his last name, its a bit of Irish irony. Good luck and thanks for leaving the program better than it was handed to you.

Brian Kelly wasn't born in Cincinnati; didn't graduate from UC; didn't marry a lady from Cincinnati or do any of those things in Ohio like you or I. So leaving really wasn't that hard. Dream job; it is what we all want but many of us are scared to chase for fear of that dream job slipping through our not so confident fingers. Not Coach K; super confident, sure of his movements and calculated like a politician; which begs to ask: what can you take away from his tenure here? He took a program that was on the rise thanks to Coach Dantonio and the AD's who went after coaches from high profile programs, and raise the UC name higher than its ever been before. He put the 'Cats on national TV repeatedly, game of the week, prime time and started keeping local talent at home. As a result of that coaches who would have never consider UC as a plum job are taking a second look. I think coordinators from the SEC who desire to be head coaches are looking at this job, the Big 12 as well. Its a top 3 program this year playing in its second straight BCS game and has a stockpile of talent. So what's not to like about UC? 

So instead of being mad at Brian Kelly which is youth and selfishness, celebrate the success that he brought to this program and the path he laid for the next guy. Mike and Mike, that's Thomas and Waddell, the AD's have done a great job of hiring football coaches and they won't stop now. UC football has an identity now and it "swag" comes standard as do sellouts and support. So any coach that walks in here knows he has something to work with. 

Will he have you? this is a business and business decisions have to be made in the best interest of the family. Not the football family but your family. I love people who say he should've stayed but if they were offered their dream job, would want you understand. We need to rally around the new coach and staff and show them UC football was and is more than Brian Kelly or any other individual. Keep showing up at games and keep wearing your "gear".  It's not time to cash in your fan investment its time to invest more. 

Brian Kelly I'm glad I got to know you and I'm glad you were fair with me during my time on the air. I couldn't have ask for any more. And as you start your dream job, I wish you success across the board. I might actually root for Notr...naw never mind. I just want him to do well and I want you to accept the fact that in college sports, coaches are like free agents in the pros; free to leave if they get a better offer. Its just unfortunate the kids can't do the same. For every kid that committed to UC, prove to the world this program will be better with you here. Prove that Brian Kelly was right when he offered you a scholarship.

In parting the only thing I think the NCAA should do is make coaches sit out a year like the players do; Unrealistic at best but it sounds good and more coaches would stay because sitting out a year would drive their wives crazy with them around the house. It drives me crazy to see coaches leave but clearly I understand. Dreams, opportunities and yes money aren't  bad reasons to leave, they're real reasons and ones you can't argue. 

That's the way I see it sitting in the Box Seat 

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