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Live from Cintas Center:

Starting lineup for UC: Wright, Vaughn, Stephenson, Bishop, Toyloy. No Yancy Gates.

Starting lineup for Xavier: Lyons, Holloway, Jackson, McLean, Love. No Jordan Crawford.

As little coverage as this game received this past week - and rightfully so - the atmosphere in here, as always for the Shootouts, is pretty damn strong.

Cashmere Wright, taking his first free throws in this game, is long with the first one and sinks the second. Dante Jackson buries a 3 for an answer. And he's answered by a 3 from Stephenson.

Jason Love blocks Toyloy on two consecutive layup attempts. Then when Toyloy with his second foul of the half with 17:33 to play. Gates comes in to relieve him.

Holloway picks up his second foul with 16:52 to play by tripping Vaughn. Jordan Crawford in to replace him. Well, I guess the officials are going to see who caused the foul. Looking at the replay. Never mind, the foul is on McLean, not Holloway.

Xavier builds a six-point lead, and hte crowd, is well, excited about that.

Jeez, Love just blocked Gates. He's got like four blocks in the first 4:15.

Xavier 10, UC 4 (15:45 to go)

This from Mo Egger's Twitter: "'Catholics always win' with pic of BK sign in the student section. Nicely done."

Ibrahima Thomas in for his first action with 15:18 to go. His first shot draws nothing but air. Then, he picks up a quick foul.

Gates and Thomas in the game together. Xavier has Kenny Frease and Love in there at the same time. Lot of big men in there right now.

UC inbounds with two seconds on the shot clock, and Mick tells Davis to shoot the ball. Instead, he catches and dribble and the shot clock goes off. Mick asks him why he didn't shoot.

UC is shooting 26.7 percent from the field. Xavier is at 36.4.

UC 12, Xavier 12 (11:01 to go)

Wilks, from the top of the key, gives UC a 15-12 with his second 3-pointer of the game.

Xavier students have now started a "Bri-an Kel-ly" chant.

Great ball movement from Stephenson and Wilks to get Gates an open 6-footer. Which he drains. Xavier, meanwhile, taking plenty of 3-pointers and missing them.

Jamel McLean picks up his second foul with 9:18 to go. He's out of the game.

Anthony McClain makes his first appearance with 8:17 to play.

Xavier has missed its last nine shots and have gone 8:24 without a field goal.

UC 17, Xavier 12 (7:56 to go)

Bishop and Crawford are ready to throw down after a hard foul by Wright on Dante Jackson. He's being pulled away, and Bishop briefly escapes and goes after Crawford again. Technicals are being doled out right now.

Bishop and Crawford are given double technical fouls.

With Jackson's FTs, it's the first points Xavier has scored in about 7 1/2 minutes. Thus, ends a 15-2 run for UC. After a Crawford layup, that ends a stretch of 9:32 without a Muskie FG.

Wilks, by the way, playing reall well so far. He's all over the court. 'Course, then he turns it over.

Holloway taking over this game. He's scored the last six points and is penetrating the paint.

This is freakin' nuts. We've basically got a bench-clearing situation.

After a turnover, Stephenson going in for the dunk, but Love fouls him hard enough to draw the intentional foul. From there, it just escalated and escalated and escalated. The officials are meeting with both coaches at mid-court.

Xavier 24, UC 21 (3:20 to go)

Pretty pass from Stephenson to Thomas, who jams it hard to tie the game 26-26.

Cashmere Wright continues to miss layups.

Stephenson puts up a shot off the side of the backboard and his next shot hits the underside of it.

Holloway has to be helped up from the court and slowly walks to the bench. That, folks, is the healing power of Xavier trainer Mike Mulcahey.

Everybody is watching carefully as the two teams cross the court to head to their respective locker rooms for halftime. No fights.

Xavier 31, UC 26 (half)

Halftime stats: UC is 28.6 from the field, 30 percent from the 3. Xavier is 40 and 30 percent, respectively. Stephenson leads UC with eight points. Gates with four rebounds. Holloway has 11 points for the Muskies and Love has 10 rebounds.

Toyloy and Bishop back in the game to start the second half.

Lyons hits a 3 on Xavier's first possesion for the eight-point lead.

Toyloy with his third foul 1:21 into the half. He's got about the same number of fouls as minutes played. Twelve seconds later, he picks up No. 4. Good-bye Steve. Hello Yancy.

Vaughn, with the layup, scores his first points in the past three halves.

Xavier 37, UC 31 (16:57 to go)

Gates and Frease apparently don't care for one another's company. Gates backs him down, bumps him out of the way, misses his shot and lays in the rebound.

Xavier 41, UC 35 (14:51 to go)

A big 3-pointer by Jordan Crawford gives the Muskies a 10-point lead.

UC, BTW, is 4 of 10 from the foul line.

With 13 minutes to go, UC's fouling puts Xavier in the bonus. Muskies are gonna be shooting a lot of FTs.

Xavier 45, UC 39 (11:40 to go)

Vaughn starting to heat up. A short baseline jumper and then a 3-pointer. Then a trey that goes in and out.

Toyloy is back in the game. Over-under on how long before he fouls out?

Cashmere Wright misses another layup.

Great defense by Bishop on Lyons, and then Stephenson nails a 3 to cut the lead to 2.

Xavier 51, UC 49 (7:42 to go)

Another long jumper by Stephenson ties the game. Wright's layup gives UC the lead.

Gotta say, UC's defense has been really good in the past few minutes.

UC 55, Xavier 51 (5:37 to go)

Gates misses two FTs. Gotta start making those.

Crawford with a heck of a shot to give Xavier the lead.

Xavier 57, UC 55 (3:08 to go)

Bishop drives the lane and makes a tough runner to tie it. Holloway with the layup, as Gates just misses the block. Vaughn misses the 3 and Bishop should have got the rebound, but Stephenson tips it away from him. Xavier ball.

Xavier 59, UC 57 (1:32 to go)

Jason Love loses the ball out of bounds

Xavier 59, UC 57 (1:15 to go)

Frease with the foul on Gates, which might be a good situation for Xavier. Considering the way UC has shot FTs. One and one for Gates. Makes both. Tie game 59-59.

Holloway with a mid-range jumper. He was guarded by a Vaughn. Frease created a screen, Vaughn went behind him and Holloway hit a 12-footer with 31 seconds to go.

Xavier 61, UC 59 (0:27 to go)

Who gets the final shot? Stephenson or Vaughn?

Stephenson blows right by Jackson for the finger roll to tie the game with 14 seconds left. Other end of the floor, Holloway's shot is off the mark. Jackson with the rebound and puts in the shot, a millisecond after the buzzer.

UC 61, Xavier 61 (overtime)

According to Michael Perry, this is the sixth OT in Shootout history. Xavier has won five of them. 1967 was UC's only win.

Cashmere Wright is not in the game. Vaughn is running the point.

Gates with the rebounded putback and Stephenson with the step-back jumper. On the other end, Love misses a short jumper and then a Xavier turnover. UC up by 4.

Lyons with a runner and then hits both FTs to tie the game at 65-65.

Gates with a crazy with two Muskies on him and he hits it. Then, he hits the deck trying to get a foul called on Frease. No call and Frease with the easy layup.

Bishop hits 1 of 2 FTs. 68-67 UC.

Crawford misses low-percentage jumper. Wow, Stephenson with the reverse layup. That was a stunning play to put UC up 70-67. He's got 22.

Crawford misses the 3, and Vaughn with a layup.

Holloway out of control, but Vaughn fouls him, which causes Mick to jump about 2 feet in the air. Hits both FTs to make it 72-69 UC.

UC 72, Xavier 69 (:51 to go)

A UC turnover, and Gates fouls him. Holloway with FTs with 27 seconds to play. Hits one and UC calls timeout.

UC 72, Xavier 70 (:27 to go)

Holloway hits the second to make it 72-71.

Dion Dixon's turn to try FTs with 25 seconds to go. Hits both. Up by 3.

So, why would Parker not just let Holloway either drive by him for the layup or foul him hard enough so he couldn't get up a shot? In fact, why is he even in the game? Holloway hits the FT for the 3-point play to tie it at 74-74 with 19 seconds to go.

Xavier with the press. UC breaks it, and Mick calls timeout.

UC 74, Xavier 74 (0:07 seconds to go)

Stephenson takes the step-back 3, but it's short off the rim. Putback fails. Buzzer.

UC 74, Xavier 74 (2nd OT)

No Crosstown Shootout has ever gone to double overtime.

Gates, guarded by Love, misses his shot, but Xavier knocks it out of bounds. Cashmere Wright is fouled by Crawford and hits one. 75-74 UC

Great defense by Gates on Love as he misses the shot. Vaughn with a tough layup to put UC up by 3. Holloway with a tough, tough shot, and he hits the jumper.

Gates with the layup to make it 3 points again. Stephenson fouls Crawford, and he makes on. 79-77 UC.

Gates with the travel. Love over Bishop to tie the game. Stephenson called for the offensive foul, and Mick is going berserk. Crawford with an inadvisable shot. Still tied at 79 with about 1:20 to go. Vaughn misses a layup, Toyloy with the rebound and Andrew Taylor with the foul. Toyloy gets two FTs. He misses both. X timeout.

UC 79, Xavier 79 (0:56 to go)

Great pass from a driving Holloway to Love, who lays it in.

Xavier 81, UC 79 (:35 to go)

Stephenson dishes to Dixon, who is short with the 3-pointer. Xavier rebounds. Jackson will shoot 2 FTs. He hits one. Xavier up 82-79.

Vaughn misses the layup, Gates with the foul. Game just about over. Love with two FTs. First bounces off the back of the rim and goes in. Second is no good. Doesn't matter. Shot is missed and game is over.

Xavier 83, UC 79 (final)

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