In New Orleans, everyone's a fan

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OK so I'm going to do an end-around from the usual women's sports postings here on our Bearcat blog, and talk a little about the trip to New Orleans and the Sugar Bowl. Of course, this being the second straight New Year's that Bearcat fans have had an opportunity to participate in a BCS bowl, Bearcatters are becoming quite comfortable being in the spotlight.

First, I have to give props to the UC pack who made the trip here to the Crescent City. Whether by plane or by auto, Bearcats are here in droves. We chose to drive, and all the way down we were passed (all right, I wasn't driving THAT slowly, but still..) by cars proudly carrying UC stickers, flags or license plates. Fun to see.

Second, let's give a lot of credit to the UC football players. They have been in the middle of a media storm for two weeks-plus now, and have carried themselves with a lot of class and dignity. From the uncertainty of their own leadership to the soap opera drama surrounding the other team's coach (which isn't over yet), the players have stayed focused on their job and their mission at this game.

Third, the UC athletic administrators have kept a steady hand over this last month to make sure the University is portrayed in the best light for this national stage. We've seen the other school waffle in its response to its coach's own uncertainty. Mike Thomas and his crew have been steadfast in their leadership, solid in decisions and always resolute in the long term vision of representing the University of Cincinnati in the best way possible. Props to all of you.

So on this New Year's Eve, the Bearcats have lots of preparations to do before they once again carry the support of a lot of folks who graduated from UC, and those who are just fans, into a BCS bowl game. I grew up watching the Sugar Bowl and its traditions, and it's fun to see UC be a part of that history. For the team, New Year's celebrations can wait 24 hours until after the game.For the rest of us, we can celebrate another new year, and new decade of UC sports excellence.  

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