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Jeff Quinn has my vote for something; Interim Coach of the year. Stand up Coach of the Year. Committed Coach of the year...OK I'm reaching. But my point is he could have easily bailed out on these kids and said I've got to make sure Brian Kelly doesn't hire anyone else before I get there. Its a tough economy; I've got my family to think of so I have to move quickly.

But he didn't and Coach Quinn I appreciate you. I think college kids are in a touch situation but its a great life lesson. There are some things in the world that just aren't fair and that's the way it is, period. Some adults are quick to cry foul when a coach leaves but its the way coaching is structured; and conversely when a coach signs a five year deal and gets fired 2 years in no one complains because its about the now.

But the interim guy always seems to get passed up when credit or blame is thrown around. Not in this column. Coach Quinn, I acknowledge you for your decision to stay regardless of the reason. I also know that in building a resume' you now get to add interim coach and that moves you ahead of a lot of candidates for future head coaching jobs in the business. I hope you get your chance and you don't have to wait as long as Charlie Strong at Louisville, but his situation unfortunately was mired by ignorance and good ol' boy boycotting.

So off to the Sugar Bowl we go, under the leadership of Head Coach Jeff Quinn. I hope the team rallies around him and Butch Jones respects him and stays out of the mix. If there's one thing he deserves, its a chance to lead this team for one game. The outcome is his to own and I'm confident it will be done the right way. This team will be prepared, they will play hard and they will listen to their Coach; the Quinn-tessential one, Coach Quinn.

That's the way I see it sitting in "The Box Seat".

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