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   Not to change the subject, turn the page or move on with life ... but here's a thought:

   Is there a better moment to get behind Mick Cronin, support the UC men's basketball program, pray that he continues to build on this early season success and takes the Bearcats to the next 20 NCAA Tournaments?
   Here is a home-grown guy who is not going to stand up in front of a crowd at another school and proclaim it his dream job. He is not Brian Kelly pining for Notre Dame or Thad Matta bolting for Ohio State.

   Cronin has his dream job. You think if he leaves and someone else is brought in, it's going to be theirs?

   Root for the guy. Hope like heck he duplicates Bob Huggins' success at UC - and then some.

   It was another bad, awkward week for collegiate sports in this town. Why, oh why, can't coaches learn how to gracefully exit?

   Skip Prosser was the model when he left Xavier for Wake Forest. He came back to Cincinnati, told his players in person he was taking a new job, met with the media and answered all questions, paid proper homage to his roots here, got choked up, hugged everyone and moved on.  And everyone wished him well. Is that so hard?

   It stinks right now that players and fans are angry and bitter toward Kelly when less than a week ago he was the toast of town. What he accomplished at UC is nothing short of remarkable and was truly unfathomable when he took the job. It's a shame his final chapter in town played out the way it did.

   I'd find it hard to root against the guy, though. For now, you can be mad at Kelly, Notre Dame, Charlie Weis, the NCAA, the BCS, the guy who kicks off for Nebraska ... take your pick. But there is no substitute for what he gave the program and the city: A reason to believe, incredible electricity in a sold-out Nippert Stadium, Orange Bowl and Sugar Bowl appearances and, well, Mardy Gilyard.

   Good luck to Kelly. He should always be part of UC somehow.

   Better luck to Jeff Quinn, who now owns the monumental task of preparing the Bitter Bearcats for Urban Meyer and Florida.

   And, circling back, best luck to Cronin, who wants to be here.




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