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The band is playing Three Dog Nights "Joy to the World." I would imagine that doesn't reflect the mood of many people inside U.S. Bank Arena tonight.

Well, we're up in the hockey press box area. It will not be easy seeing much of anything here tonight. I'd say 75 percent of the people in this place have better seats than we do.

Starting lineup for UC: Vaughn, Bishop, Stephenson, Toyloy, Jaquon Parker.

About 90 seconds in, Dion Dixon, Cashmere Wright and Darnell Wilks are in the game. They replace Parker, Stephenson, and Bishop.

Man, Stephenson and Dixon really working the glass so far.

UC 4, Miami 2 (15:43 to go)

Tough start for Yancy Gates. He misses two free throws and then he doinks a layup. His teammates aren't shooting much better.

UC playing a little full-court pressure. It's already resulted in two Miami turnovers. Make that three. And make that four.

Brian Kelly's picture just popped up on the scoreboard. Some people booed.

Two nice three-point plays from Stephenson. Really athletic moves.

UC on a 9-0 run.

Miami is shooting 25 percent from the field. UC is at 41.7 percent.

UC 13, Miami 6 (11:42 to go)

The wireless keeps going in and out. Oh, U.S. Bank Arena, how I love thee.

Methinks the game is going to be a grind.

UC 17, Miami 15 (7:49 to go)

Stephenson continues to impress. He missed a jumper, followed it, got the rebound, and made a sweet dish to Toyloy, who laid it in and drew the foul. Three-point play.

Mick is yelling at Cashmere Wright about something, but he's about 50 yards away from me. So I don't know what he's upset about.

UC's defense is playing well. Miami has run up against the shot clock about three times so far.

Stephenson leads all scorers with 10 points and four rebounds.

UC 22, Miami 18 (3:54 to go)

UC is 0 for 7 from the 3.

With the clock runningn down, Ballard drives the lane and attempts a runner that would give Miami the first lead since 7-4. It bounces off the rim.

UC is shooting 33.3 percent from the field. 0 percent from the 3. Miami is also shooting 33 percent. Both teams are 9 for 27. Both teams have seven turnovers. Both teams are not particularly exciting to watch. 

UC 24, Miami 23 (half)

Wright opens the half with UC's first 3-pointer of the game.

Somehow, Rodney Haddix picks up his fourth foul with 18:48 to go. Naturally, he heads to the bench.

UC 34, Miami 28 (15:54 to go)

Geez, that's at least three air-balls for Miami. And a couple missed layups.

Deonta Vaughn has taken one shot so far. He missed it.

UC 43, Miami 35 (10:52 to go)

Miami is starting to hit its 3s.

UC 46, Miami 43 (7:34 to go)

One of the Bearcats is hurt, but I can't see who it is. We're awfully high up here in the stands.

UC 51, Miami 47 (3:32 to go)

Cashmere Wright has really done a nice job the last few minutes of put the Bearcats on his back. Also Parker hits a mid-range jumper to give UC an eight-point lead.

I guess Stephenson was the one who was hurt. They just showed him on the scoreboard with a bandage over his eye.

Don't have any stats for you. The monitors have been off and on all night.

UC 63, Miami 59 (final)



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