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Live from 5/3

UC's starting lineup: Deonta Vaughn, Larry Davis, Ibrahima Tomas, Lance Stephenson, Steve Toyloy. To start on the bench: Yancy Gates, Cashmere Wright.

On the first possession of the game, Deonta Vaughn passes to Larry Davis, who promptly drops it out of bounds.

Andy Buechert with a nice little hook shot in the lane.

Don't have to worry about Thomas being non-aggressive. He's taken two 3s (missed both) and has gone to the rim twice and been fouled both times (3 of 4 from the FT). Then, he makes a layup off an inbound play.

Mantoris Robinson picks up his second foul with 17:19 to play.

UC 9, Winthrop 4 (15:50 to go)

Cashmere Wright and Yancy Gates and Dion Dixon in the game off the official timeout.

Dion Dixon gives up the ball in traffic to Reggie Middleton, who goes in for the layup. Mick immediately calls timeout and pulls Dixon from the game.

Buechert picks up his second foul with 14:21 to play after fouling Gates when he was making his layup.

Heck of a pass from Stephenson on a Gates dunk.

UC 19, Winthrop 11 (11:35 to go)

Gates is dominating with 10 points. UC has 14 points in the paint. Winthrop is shooting about 35 percent and 20 percent from the 3.

UC 26, Winthrop 14 (7:54 to go)

Winthrop having trouble getting the ball inbounds off timeouts against UC's press defense.

Darnell Wilks has to go high to get the alley-oop from Cashmere Wright. but he got there and slammed it home. That was pretty nice.

Winthrop now has two timeouts left for the game.

Liked the over-the-shoulder, no-look pass from Wright to Wilks. Forget a dance-off. Let's have an assist-off.

UC 33, Winthrop 21 (3:33 to go)

Dixon gets hammered while taking a long jumper. No call, but Dixon doesn't complain. Instead, he gets himself into position for an open layup and makes it.

Haven't seen Ibrahima Thomas for a little while. Oh, it's because he has two fouls.

Gates tries to get into the act with a fancy pass, but he turns it over.

Deonta Vaughn's line: 0 for 0 from the field. One rebound, one assists, two fouls.

24 of UC's 39 points have come in the paint.

UC is 50 percent from the field but 1 for 10 from the field. Gates has 14 points on 6 of 8 shooting. Bishop has six rebounds. Stephenson with four assists. Corbin from Winthrop has eight points.

UC 39, Winthrop 23 (half)

And Thomas finally hits that 3, the first one of the season.

Trainer Dave Fluker is looking at Larry Davis on the bench. Looks like a right arm or shoulder problem.

Deonta Vaughn with his first points of the game - a 3 - with 17 minutes to go.

UC 50, WInthrop 34 (15:18 to go)

Now, something is wrong with Rashad Bishop. Busy night for Fluker. Bishop is covering his head with a towel.

Larry Davis back in the game, BTW.

Not much newsworthy going on. Except that UC isn't playing all that well right now.

UC 54, Winthrop 43 (11:10 to go)

Another hook from Buechert has cut the lead to single digits with about 11 minutes to go.

A heck of a play by Stephenson who takes an outlet pass, gets fouled by Gamble and makes his layup while he was about to go underneath the actual backboard. And he made it look so easy.

Bishop is back in the game.

UC is shooting 55 percent from the floor but have 16 turnovers. Sloppy, sloppy.

UC 58, Winthrop 47 (7:43 to go)

Vaughn ends a slide of seven-straight missed shots by UC by nailing a 3 to go up by 13. Then, 44 seconds later, another three.

UC 65, Winthrop 49 (3:44 to go)

Dixon's three-point play gives UC a 20-point lead. And it's all over but the cryin'.

Gates finishes with 16 points and seven rebounds. Vaughn and Thomas with 11 a piece. Bishop has eight rebounds. Stephenson with five assists. UC shoots 51 percent from the floor and 31.6 percent from the 3. Winthrop shoots 37.5 and 18.2, respectively. Bearcats finish with 18 turnovers.

UC 74, Winthrop 57 (final) 

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