What a day!

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It's often a sore subject across college campuses all over the country how much attention gets paid to athletics.

Today is a prime example why -- right or wrong -- that is the case. The drama of the games involving the nation's top teams can't be matched.

No need to recap UC's thrilling come-from-behind victory at Pitt. But that was just the start of the nail-biting. Tonight's Nebraska-Texas game played out the same way, going down to the last second. Literally.

If not for the Nebraska kickoff going out of bounds ... if not for the horse-collar tackle and penalty ... if not for one second being put back on the clock ... UC just might have had a shot at playing for a national championship. Which even as I write it seems completely unfathomable.

And so for close to 12 hours today, college football consumed us.

How much fun was that?


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