Ex-Zach-ly Where Was Collaros?

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I was at the Sugar Bowl and was impressed first and foremost with two things; One the number of UC faithful that showed up in bunches and took over New Orleans and secondly, the graciousness of the young UC football players. Both made the trip even more special in spite of the game.

Speaking of the game; I watched as UC hit the field with the white helmets and the crowd hyped as expected and then the game happened...you know the rest. Many of us were wondering where was Zach Collaros? If Tim Tebow can be mulit-dimensional then why couldn't we do the same? We all remember how electrifying he was at home and they same teams don't like to face mirror images of themselves, so why not let them have a taste of a quarterback like theirs? Pike has the arm and height but he doesn't have mobility. When you get that kind of pressure Florida showed and the defense knows your QB can't scramble they tee off. So I'm wondering what if...?

Well no dwelling needed it was a great year for UC football and after meeting Coach Butch Jones I'm convinced it will still be a rock solid program next year. Lets hope the stability of a coaching staff will prepare them for the next bowl game. Two years of lackluster post season football will make fans think twice about attending another bowl game and believing we have a chance to win. After meeting Coach Jones, I think our belief will peak and our swagger will return; but tackling will help.

That's the way I see it sitting in the Box Seat... 

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