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It didn't go the way we hoped for, UC's last trip to Freedom Hall but it was indeed their last time thier as the Cards prepare to move into thier new digs. So many memories over the years I'm curious as to what yours are? I think of all the games and both teams being ranked and playing a home and home which made the rivalry even more intense. I don't like the fact that's not an annual occurance anymore but blame it on the Big Beast.

Anyway here's to a historical building of hoops where so many games have become the basis of tall tales that grow annually; and now that the building will no longer house the 'Ville, the stories will grow beyond life size. UC and U of L are both struggling this year and that just doesn't seem right as they were always kings of the hill in the past but with the creation of mega-conferences that is a thing of the past.

But here's to all the games good and bad, historical and not so, and to the memories of a place I've had the pleasure of watching many a game. Freedom Hall has given way to suite deals and corporate influence and hopefully in the transition the game of basketball will maintain its rightful place as the main attraction. In Kentucky the thorobreds should always have center stage on the track and on the court. That's the way I see it...Sitting In The Box Seat

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