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A Beast! I've heard coach after coach proclaim it and I still think from top to bottom its still the toughest conference in college basketball. Night in and night out the physical play and the demands on your bench make it a grind that's long and unending. So don't make too much out of the start good or bad because their is a long way to go. Then comes the tournament and that's another season in itself. I think this team has improved dramatically and Mick and his staff should be commended but most don't care about commendations when the season is active. Well I'm not going to wait, knowing where this program was several years ago. No one has UC down as an easy win and the big teams like UConn know they have to bring it to get it.

So lets let the whole season unfold and see what happens. Oh by the way that includes the Big East tournament. Remember Syracuse' run? The quote rings true even today: "Its not how you start, its how you finish." I couldn't have said it better...

That's the way I see it sitting in the Box Seat...

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So you are trying to be a beast. Best of luck buddy.