UC-Cal State Bakersfield 1st half impressions

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Starting lineup: Vaughn, Stephenson, Bishop, Thomas, Gates. No surprise not to see Larry Davis in there, considering he hasn't scored in three of the past four games.

Gates is pulled after less than 2 minutes. Perhaps, not surprising. He's touched the ball a couple times, and he hasn't made a move to the rim yet. Even though the guy defending is three or four inches shorter.

Ooh, Anthony McClain is in the game early. And immediately grabs an offensive rebound and puts in the short jumper.

In order for Cal to have any kind of chance in this game, it's going to have to shoot well from the wing and from the outside. In the first few minutes, they Roadrunners don't.

Man, Vaughn is kind of driving right down the lane, isn't he?

McClain can NOT be stopped.

Just your typical 20-2 run for the Bearcats. Man, the Roadrunners are just not very impressive, eh?

Interesting when Anthony Buford is talking about Yancy Gates and when he has that much of a size advantage, he doesn't work as hard. For instance, when Latunde got an offensive rebound for Cal, got the basket, the foul and the 3-point play. Apparently, Gates still hasn't learned this lesson.

It takes Larry Davis nine minutes to get into the game, and when he finally does, he dribbles the ball off his leg, leading to a dunk from Cal's Bragg.

Latunde just puts up some ridiculous shots. Shots that have no chance of going in the basket. Why bother?

How about Toyloy with that jam plus foul and that 14-foot jumper? He's an offensive maniac.

Thomas in the game with seven quick points. He always provides a pretty good energy to the lineup on the court.

You know what I like? A 46-10 run that doesn't equal any timeouts from Cal. That's a coach who knows his team's place.

Hey, a Jaquon Parker sighting. And he hits a 3.

I don't mind telling you, Latunde has been absolutely awful. And he keeps taking just awful shots.

UC 50, Cal State Bakersfield 16 (half)

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