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Live from Madison Place on Jeremy's couch:

So, white helmets, eh? 

First Quarter

Two quick passes from Pike, one to Gilyard and one to Guidugli. Personal foul penalty takes it into Florida territory. Second and 20, and a Ramsey rush attempt yields another holding penalty. It's declined, though. Pike rolls and his pass is about two first downs away from the first down. UC punts.

The first time Tebow tries to run, Alex Daniels is there to stop him from two yards. John Hughes stops Hernandez on the shuffle pass, and though it looked like a facemask, the officials pick up the flag. On third and seven, Tebow hits Hernandez for the first down. Alex Daniels with the nice sack, and the Bearcats only rushed three times. Another third and (sort of) long conversion for the Gators. Thought there was whistle there and apparently the Bearcats did as well. Tebow runs for 17 yards. On first and goal from the 4, Demps loses a couple and then as he's falling, he hurts his elbow. Tebow to Hernandez, who fights his way through three Bearcats for the 7-yard TD. Could be a long night for UC. Walter Stewart blocks the PAT.

Florida 6, UC 0 (6:13 to go)

Nice, long return for Gilyard. About 41 yards to the UC 45. Trickery. Pitch to Pead, lateral across the field, Pike catches it and tries for the HR to Guidugli. The pass is broken up. Third and 2. Pike with the sneak, and he's nowhere close.

This looks pretty easy so far the Gators. Tebow to David Nelson, who beats Battle, for a first down. A completion to Hernandez, but a block in the back penalty brings it to the Florida 29. So far, who's looked good on defense? Daniels and Stewart. And that's about it. Another sack for Daniels. It'll be third and 16 from the Florida 36. A completion, but short of the first down. Sturgis with the 40-yard FG. I guess you have to count that as a win for UC.

Florida 9, UC 0 (1:20 to go)

A couple of plays that do nothing make it third and 10 from the 23. Pike sacked by about three Gators. Three and out as the quarter ends.

Second Quarter

Tebow has hit his first 12 passes. It'll be third and 1 from the UC 33. Tebow up the middle, and he's met by Schaffer. It'll be fourth and one, and a similar play is called. Revels had a chance at him, but Tebow just got around him for the first down. My wife says, "I don't know much about football, but don't you have to have the ball to score?" Yep. Florida converts another third down. I'll tell you what, the talent disparity between these two teams looks enormous right now. Florida on UC's 7. Wow, Tebow to Thompson for a great catch in the corner of the end zone for the 7-yard TD. Drew Frey was close, but the pass was perfect.

Florida 16, UC 0 (9:07 to go)

Alli has a chance to make a nice catch and get the ball near the first down mark. But he can't hang on. Then, Binns can't hang on. That's a catch he needs to make. Another three and out for UC.

Long pass play and a horsecollar penalty on Revels. The amount of missed tackles for UC is staggering. Major Wright with the easy 6-yard TD run. Yikes.

Florida 23, UC 0 (7:05 to go)

Hey, a first down for the Bearcats. Pike to Gilyard. Temper, temper. Pead cited for unnecessary roughness. Pike to Ramsey on third down, and after a great block by Gilyard, Florida called for a personal foul. It doesn't look like Ramsey was down, though. First down on the Florida 29. On third and 10, Pike overthrows Guidugli. Rogers in for the 47-yard FG. And it's good.

Florida 23, UC 23 (3:11 to go)

Tebow to Riley Cooper for the 80-yard TD. He just burned Battle, and safety Wes Richardson had no shot. This is not good.

Florida 30, UC 3 (3:02 to go)

I'm putting down my pen. I think I'm done keeping play by play.

Can't make tackles. Can't catch passes. Can't block the defensive line.

A missed 39-yard FG basically ends the second quarter.

Thank god the first half is over.

Third Quarter

Looks like the peptalk at halftime worked well. Jake Rogers makes the tackle at mid-field to delay the TD (joke courtesy of CTR). Tebow's passing accuracy has been pretty amazing today. Even when UC is dropping eight men into coverage. Curtis Young tackles Tebow for a loss. And then he celebrates like his team is actually in this game. Yep, Hernandez is a pretty good TE. Third and seven from deep inside UC territory. Tebow has to scramble, and he's inches short. It's fourth and one, and Tebow with the option pitch to Wright for the easy TD. So, how many will Florida score?

Florida 37, UC 3 (11:13 to go)

Pike to Woods for the first down, and that's UC first third-down conversion of the game. Now, UC back in Florida territory. Pike, on third and five, runs for another first down. Ball on the Florida 11. Third and goal. Pike to Woods about a yard short of the first down. I assume UC will go for it on fouth and 1. Pike to Marcus Waugh for the 2-yard TD. And he goes crazy with his celebration. Good for him.

Florida 37, UC 10 (4:46 to go)

Poor Dominique Battle. He's getting toasted in the secondary. Then, Tebow with the easy scramble for the score.

Florida 44, UC 10 (2:06 to go)

Pike just seems a little off his game. Bearcats to punt.

Fourth Quarter

Florida will have to punt from its own end zone. Victory for UC.

UC putting together a drive. Pike rolling out and completing passes. It'll be fourth and two from the Florida 19. Pike up the middle. The pitch to Pead brings up third and 1. An offsides gives UC the first and goal. Third and goal from the 3. Heck of a catch from Pike to Binns for the TD.

Florida 44, UC 17 (10:07 to go)

I wonder if UC had made he national title game vs. Alabama, if the Bearcats would have had a better chance to win.

Chris Rainey jumps over Battle like he's running the high hurdles.

Florida 51, UC 17 (7:06 to go)

Wildcat and whatnot. I like the Travis Kelce handoff to Pead, pitch to Tony Pike, throw to Gilyard, even if it was incomplete. Bearcats get a facemask penalty out of it. Gilyard also is struggling out there. Fourth and nine from the Florida 23. Pike to Woods all the way down to the 1. Darrin Williams takes the carry and fumbles and loses five yards. Pike has to scramble, and he finds a wide-open Alli in the end zone.

Florida 51, UC 24 (3:43 to go)

Without Tim Tebow in there, things go to hell for Florida. Two false start penalties in a row. And that'll do it.

Florida 51, UC 24 (final)

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