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So is everybody else in the Big East. News flash for all you Cronin haters: UConn, and all the other schools who were ahead of UC talent wise still are. UC wasn't the only school to upgrade their roster talent wise during the recruiting period sooooo....

If UConn was already better than UC and got better, then they're still better! Got it? So the win against UConn was BIG. Pitt, Georgetown, and yes even West Virginia got better but they were already better...Get it? I guess I get tired of the bashing without people looking at the bigger picture that is the truth. UC has gotten better; look at the roster and the level of play and the other key factors. That being said, could they have played better in some games? Absolutely; but the fact we're expecting them to win now means you're admitting they're better and that credit goes to the coaches. If you didn't think so you wouldn't be so upset when they lose games they should win.

Face it hard nose, slightly talented critics: UC is better but so is the rest of the Big East. And its going to take a breakthrough year and/or player to get them over the hump and several years of that to stay there. If you're expecting anything else then you're fooling yourself and admitting you know very little about competition and athletics. Want another example? Look at UK; they had Patrick Patterson but when they sign Calipari and the Memphis freshman class came with him, they look like a different UK squad. Had he not signed those players don't fool yourself and think they'd be 17-0.

As one coach told me: "It ain't the X & O's but the Jimmy's and Joe's" that win basketball games. I tend to agree that its easier to coach Oscar Robertson or Michael Jordan and get a win than it is to coach you or I to do the same. And they add a Scotty Pippen and we add a Scotty Pippen, they're still better.

That's they way I see it sitting in the Box Seat...

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