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Live from the basement:

Sounds like Lance Stephenson is going to play today. Will be interested to see how effective he is with his ankle injury.

The starting lineup for UC: Deonta Vaughn, Lance Stephenson, Jaquon Parker, Ibrahima Thomas and Yancy Gates.

Also interested to see how Gates matches up with Samardo Samuels.

I'm still confused about how Mick sees Thomas. Sometimes, he plays 7 minutes in a game. Sometimes, he starts. Today, he starts and immediately hits a 3-pointer.

Looks like Stephenson is fine. He rebounds a Thomas miss and puts in a short jumper and then hits a 3 from top of the key to give UC a 8-0 lead and forces a timeout from Rick Pitino. Later, he rebounds a Vaughn miss and slams it home.

First Yancy Gates foul 2:02 into the game on a hedge 25 feet from the basket. Mick, like he said he would, yanks Gates and puts in Toyloy.

Two minutes later, Toyloy commits his first foul (an offensvie foul), and McClain enters. I'm sure Samuels likes that matchup.

UC is killing Louisville on the boards.

UC 12, Louisville 4 (14:44 to go)

Lance Stephenson with yet another 3-pointer.

UC struggling against the full-court pressure and then against the Cards' zone. Parker catches a break when he's fouled with 1 second on the shot clock. Lucky because he had no chance of getting off a shot.

UC 17, Louisville 8 (11:35 to go)

A couple threes by the Cards, and suddenly, Louisville is right back in the game.

10-second violation for UC, thanks to Louisville's full-court press.

UC 23, Louisville 16 (7:48 to go)

Jaquon Parker, as was to be expected, isn't quite as sure of himself handling the ball today.

Cards go on an 8-0 run, but Vaughn hits a 3 to move the lead to 4.

After missing a 3-pointer, Thomas plays nice defense on Samuels on the other end. First, Samuels basically airballs a layup and then Thomas swats away his second-chance attempt.

The Bearcats have one field goal in the last 6 minutes.

UC 26, Louisville 23 (3:35 to go)

Sosa hits a 3 with 1:40 to go to tie the game at 28-28.

UC goes from pretty good on offense to absolutely horrendous in the span of about 7 minutes. Louisville's press is really hurting the Bearcats.

Vaughn misses the layup, but Gates is there to rebound and dunk to cut the lead to 1. Sosa misses a last-second 3.

Louisville 31, UC 30 (half)

Stephenson leads the way with 12 points and five rebounds, and Gates has eight points. UC is outrebounding Louisville 19-14 and is shooting better from the floor.

Samuels has eight points, but Delk has been pretty impressive as well with seven points and five rebounds.

First three trips down the floor for UC in the second half: a turnover and three bad shots. Bad, as in advisable.

A turnover by Parker, and then Sosa drives right by him for the easy layup.

Louisville on a 26-12 run.

Louisville 40, UC 35 (15:24 to go)

I'll tell you what: UC looks like it has no clue what to do on offense.

Gotta watch out for Sosa. UC doubles the post, leaving Sosa open in the corner. He drains it for the 7-point Louisville lead.

Announcers have been talking about the experience of Vaughn. But he commits an intentional foul on Siva, and the Cards take two FTs and get the ball back.

Whatever happened to Stephenson?

Louisville 48, UC 38 (11:54 to go)

Vaughn hits a 3 from the top of the key to keep UC close.

Louisville 54, UC 47 (7:26 to go)

Cashmere Wright scores five straight points. He's done a nice job today.

UC cuts the leads to two, but Dixon misses a 3 and the commits an offensive foul. Meanwhile, Delk hits a 3 and Samuels hits a turnaround jumper to increase the lead to seven again.

Cardinals definitely outhustling the Bearcats.

But Wright hits another 3 to cut the lead to 4. He's scored the team's last 10 points.

Louisville 61, UC 57 (2:28 to go)

For some reason, Mick takes out Wright and inserts Parker. My tweeps argue it was for defensive reasons, but I still don't like the move.

Sosa hits a 3 to increase it to 7.

Samuels misses a 3 with 1:05 to play, and Delk gets the rebound. Yep, this one is about over.

Louisville 64, UC 57 (1:00 to go)

Vaughn hits a 3 to make it 66-60, but that's as close as the Bearcats will get.

Vaughn, Gates and Stephenson each finish with 12 points. Stephenson has seven rebounds and Vaughn with five assists. UC didn't shoot terribly, but its 17 turnovers hurt.

Louisville 68, UC 60 (final)

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