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Looking through the Notre Dame notes: Man, I had no idea Mike Brey has been in South Bend for 10 years. I would have guessed, like, five or six at the most. Crazy.

Luke Harangody averages 24.9 points and 9.5 rebounds per game and is the Fighting Irish's most dangerous player by far. Here's what Mick Cronin said about him earlier this week: "The main problem is he's so good in the post that you have to put a bigger guy on him. But most bigger guys can't defend at 22 feet, so you're going to have to pick your poison. You can't put a smaller guy on him, because he'll kill that guy in the interior. He's not living at the 3-point line, but if you fall asleep, he'll get one in transition or on a pick-and-pop."

Harangody is shooting 52 percent from the floor and 32.7 percent from the 3.

Also, Anthony McClain is out of uniform and on the bench. I imagine his foot is bothering him.

The football team walks into the arena and is greeted with applause. Not roof-raising. I'd describe it more as tepid. But it's there.

The UC starting lineup: Deonta Vaughn, Larry Davis, Lance Stephenson, Yancy Gates, Steve Toyloy.

And just like Mick said, Harangody shoots from the top of the key on the first play of the game and he swishes it. Toyloy did not recover in time.

An absolutely pathetic start by the Bearcats. Four misses - including two three-pointers - and Notre Dame leads 7-0 before Mick calls timeout.

Vaughn hits a 3 to start the scoring.

Harangody does have a reputation for whining to the refs. After Gates blocks his shot, Harangody shoots a sharp look to the officials.

Notre Dame 7, UC 3 (15:56 to go)

Jaquon Parker in the game as backup point guard before Cashmere Wright. He hits a 3 and then banks in a 10-footer. He looks good today.

Notre Dame 14, UC 12 (11:37 to go)

Gates, who's playing good defense on Harangody, just buried a 14-footer.

The Bearcats only have two turnovers so far, but Stephenson just dribbled one of his foot to continue his struggles. He's 0 for 2 so far today.

UC is shooting 31.6 percent from the floor and 28.6 percent from the 3. Same old story.

Notre Dame 18, UC 15 (7:56 to go)

We've seen a lot of Parker running the point and Vaughn playing the 2. Doesn't mean the offense is running much better, but the Bearcats also aren't turning it over.

UC doesn't look - how do you say? - comfortable against Notre Dame's zone defense.

Somebody forgot to box out Darnell Wilks. After a missed Davis 3, Wilks goes up unmolested and rattles the backboard with a jam.

Geez, Davis has been terrible today. He misses his fourth 3-pointer of the game and gets the ball back before immediately turning it over. That led to a layup from Abromaitis that extends the Irish's lead to seven.

Notre Dame 28, UC 21 (3:17 to go)

Heck of a play by Stephenson to force the turnover, go one-on-one with Harangody, fraw the foul and score the layup. Of course, he misses the FT.

Uh oh, a crazy situation breaks out. Harangody and Wilks are tangling for the ball, and Wilks is called for the foul. Then, Wilks gets in Harangody's face and he backs up into UC's bench. Where, it looked, Chris Goggin puts out his arm to brace himself and touches Harangody's back. Harangody goes beserk, and UC's bench is assessed a technical foul.

Things are getting testy here at 5/3.

Lost in the shuffle is that UC played pretty good defense in the first half to keep this game close. Because the Bearcats offense has been really bad (29.4 percent from the floor, 23.1 percent from the 3).

Harangody has nine points and nine rebounds, and Abromaitis has 10 points to lead the Irish.

Vaughn has six points to lead UC's offense.

UC is out-rebounding Notre Dame 25-18.

Now, when the UC football teams comes out to mid-court, the place goes crazy.

Notre Dame 32, UC 25 (halftime)

Bishop hits a 3 to open the second half, and then Vaughn hits one. In between, Harangody missed two more FTs (he's 2 of 6 so far today).

Gates continues his strong defensive work on Harangody, who's settling for mid-range jumpers and (mostly) missing. Then, a short jumper from Bishop and a 14-footer from Vaughn ties the game.

UC 35, Notre Dame 35 (16:39 to go)

Then, a turnover from Harangody and Bishop with the layup to give UC the lead.

Short-lived, though.

Notre Dame 39, UC 37 (14:26 to go)

Haven't seen much of Ibrahima Thomas today. And absolutely none of Cashmere Wright.

Heck of a drive there by Dixon to get the foul and the layup. His FT gives UC a 42-41 lead.

A three by Harangody changes that, though.

Notre Dame 46, UC 42 (11:48 to go)

UC keeps crawling its way back into the lead. A strong move by Gates in the post results in a layup and the elad.

After Harangody is called for the charge, Stephenson tries to help him up. Harangody slaps at his hand in disgust. Stephenson looked surprised.

Stephenson has kind of taken the game over - on offense and defense - in the last minute or so.

UC 49, Notre Dame 48 (7:03 to go)

That was a ridiculous flop by Harangody while Vaughn was driving. Correctly, the officials whistle Harangody for the foul, his fourth.

A three in the corner by Peoples ties the game at 51 with 5:56 to go.

People are going crazy about the over-and-back call, but I think the refs got it right.

UC is shooting 32.3 percent from the floor, 23.8 from the 3.

Harangody is 5 for 19 from the floor. 11 rebounds though.

Free throws upcoming for the Irish.

UC 55, Notre Dame 54 (3:20 to go)

Abromaitis misses both FTs.

A couple free throws from Hansbrough, a turnover from UC and then Hansbrough misses two FTs. Still 56-55 ND.

Bishop, with one and one, hits both for a UC lead.

Harangody misses a 3. UC timeout.

UC 57, Notre Dame 56 (1:05 to go)

Bishop at the line with 53 seconds to go. He makes 1 of 2.

Tory Jackson misses a tough layup, but the ball is out of bounds off UC.

UC 58, Notre Dame 56 (0:37 to go)

Hansbrough buries a 10-foot jumper over Dixon to tie the game. UC timeout.

UC 58, Notre Dame 58 (0:15 to go)

Great pass by Vaughn as he's driving. Over Harangody to Gates, who misses the layup. Gets the rebound and puts it in with 2.4 seconds to go.

Then, Jackson attempts a three-quarter shot that skims the bottom of the net.

Vaughn finishes with 15 points, seven rebounds. Gates with 11 points, 13 boards. Bishop scores 10. UC shoots 32.3 percent from the floor, 23.8 from the 3.

Abromaitis leads Notre Dame with 16 points. Harangody records 14 points, 11 rebounds.

UC out-rebounds Notre Dame 50-31.

UC 60, Notre Dame 58 (final)

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