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Live from 5/3:

Starting lineup: Deonta Vaughn, Larry Davis, Ibrahima Thomas, Lance Stephenson and Yancy Gates. It's Gates' first start since the Dec. 16 UAB game.

First time down the court, Gates hits a short jumper over Pitt C Gary McGhee. Next time, McGhee strips Gates.

Play is stopped 2:12 in since McGhee is bleeding. He's out of the game for now. Looks like a nose bleed.

It's crazy in here. The Bearcats are running offense and getting the Gates touches on every possession.

Stephenson is hot so far. He's hit all three of his shots, and plus a free throw, that equals seven points in the first 4 minutes.

Nasir Robinson has hit his first three shots, and he's got seven of Pitt's nine points. Just before the break, Dante Taylor picks up his second foul of the game.

UC 11, Pitt 9 (14:57 to go)

Two poor shots back to back by Stephenson and Vaughn. Looks like neither of them knew what to do when they jumped in the air with the ball in their hands. Make that three in a row after Stephenson's nothing-but-backboard 3-point attempt with the shot clock at 2.

Ashton Gibbs with the nice pump-fake, getting Dixon in the air. Then he drains a long jumper to give Pitt a 15-13 lead. The Bearcats tie it up again on a tough jumper.

UC 15, Pitt 15 (11:44 to go)

Apparently, Gates enjoys this whole 'starting' thing. He rebounds a Cashmere Wright miss with a powerful dunk.

Bad transition defense there. Thomas misses an inadvisable 3-pointer, and nobody stops Travon Woodall as he drives all the way in for the easy layup to give the Panthers a four-point lead.

Pitt still on a 17-8 run.

Crowd is upset about the offensive foul called on Vaughn just before the break. He made a nice high layup off the glass for the points that would have tied the game.

Pitt 21, UC 19 (7:22 to go)

McGhee, with his nose plugged up, is rejected by Gates.

A little controvesy here. Gibbs' 3-pointer with 3 seconds on the shot clock missed the rim, and the whistle blew as McGhee was going up for the rebounded shot. Refs have to check the monitors to see if the inadvertent whistle affected anything. I thought there was one second left on the shot clock when McGhee went up for the shot. Refs say his layup was good. Crowd boos.

A couple turnovers from Pitt equals a layup from Dixon and Stephenson, and Jamie Dixon is forced to take a timeout with the score 23-23.

Man, Gibbs has a weird shot, but he's making them. He's got 12 points.

But Stephenson is on fire as well, making 6 of 9 shots for 13 points. Gates has 10 points and seven rebounds.

PItt 29, UC 27 (3:48 to go)

Pitt comes out in a 2-3 zone, and UC looks confused by it. After the ball goes out of bounds with 5 seconds on the shot clock and UC inbounds, Pitt goes back to man-to-man. Vaughn buries a 3 with 1 second on the clock.

UC had a chance to take the lead, but Vaughn's alley-oop attempt to Wilks is a little high, and Jermaine Dixon nails a 3 on the other end.

Pitt 38, UC 32 (half)

Some first half stats: Stephenson has 13 points, and Gates has 12 on 6 of 7 shooting. He's also got nine rebounds and three blocks. Shooting 51.7 percent from the floor and 16.7 from the 3.

PItt is shooting 48.3 percent from the floor and 60 percent from the 3. Gibbs has 14 points (5 of 5 from the floor; 4 of 4 from the FT line).

UC comes out fired up and goes on an 8-2 run to tie the game. Toyloy with a couple free throws and a layup forces Dixon to call timeout.

UC 40, Pitt 40 (16:41 to go)

Bad transition defense strikes again. After a miss by Toyloy, Jermaine Dixon goes end to end for the easy layup. Not good.

Pitt 44, UC 40 (15:31 to go)

Don't know why Gates isn't being more aggressive and taking the ball to the hoop. It's not like anybody from Pitt is stopping him. Instead, he's content to take these turnaround jumpers.

Nice play by Stephenson and Toyloy there. Stephenson with the baseline pass to Toyloy, who fake-pumps to get McGhee in the air. Then, after McGhee hacks him, Toyloy with the easy layup. Free throw upcoming.

UC 49, Pitt 49 (11:42 to go)

Bishop with a ridiculous put-back dunk on a Vaughn missed 3-pointer. Gilbert Brown follows that, though, with a huge dunk over Toyloy, who fouled him. Getting some good air here.

Pitt 57, UC 56 (7:24 to go)

Can't say Bishop's defense has been spectacular today. He just allowed Bron to drive through the middle of the paint for the fingertip. In the first half, Bishop was hurt by Biggs.

Gates with another missed 6-foot jumper. But he makes a nice interior pass to Bishop, who hits the layup and gets fouled.

Stephenson has a single point this half. Until he hits a mid-range jumper to make it 64-62 Pitt.

UC allowing a lot of open shots to Pitt. Including a 3-pointer from Brown - who's got 14B this half - to give Pitt the five-point lead. Brown, by the way, averages 7.7 points per game.

Pitt 67, UC 62 (3:38 to go)

Brown misses the layup and hustles to get back before possession before he's tied up. The entire student section wanted a travel, but nothing doing. Then, Brown misses another shot to give UC a chance to tie.

Vaughn loses the ball in the air as he tries to tie it in the lane.

Gibbs misses, and Bishop clanks a 3 at the other end. Pitt timeout.

Pitt 66, UC 64 (1:28 to go)

Wanamaker travels with about 1:25 to go. Stephenson misses a tough layup, and though it appeared Gates tied up Jermaine Dixon, he's called for the foul. He hits both for the four-point lead.

Pitt 68, UC 64 (:59 to go)

Vaughn misses a tough shot in the lane and then fouls Wanamaker, who misses the front end. UC timeout.

Pitt 68, UC 64 (:41 to go)

Bishop with the airball in the lane. Vaughn has to foul, and Jermaine Dixon hits two FTs w/ 26 seconds to go. Yep, this game is just about over.

Well, that wasn't the smartest play ever. Vaughn drives, hits the layup and gets fouled by Brown. Three-point play cuts the lead to 3 with 19 seconds to go.

Davis fouls Dixon with 15 seconds to go. Two foul shots. He makes 1.

Vaughn drives the lane again and tries to get fouled. No call, but he makes the layup. UC timeout.

Pitt 71, UC 69 (:09 to go)

Davis fouls Gibbs, and he'll take 2 shots. UC needs at least one miss. Thing is, Gibbs has hit 44 straight FTs. Not surprisingly, he makes both.

Vaughn with another layup. And again Gibbs is fouled. After 46-straight, Gibbs misses the first. Hits the second.

Pitt takes the timeout. I wonder if the Panthers will foul.

Pitt 74, UC 71 (:02.9 left)

Bishop inbounds to Davis, who turns and shoots from just short of half-court. It looked on target but way short.

Vaughn finishes with 17 points, Stephenson with 15 and Gates had 16 points and 13 rebounds.

Pitt 74, UC 71 (final)

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