Bearcats made key plays in two Super Bowls

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In January 1976, I came down to Cincinnati from Cleveland to visit my brother, a 1974 UC graduate. He took me to a Bearcats basketball game against George Washington at the Armory Fieldhouse on campus.
During the game, he pointed out a man sitting on the other side of the arena. It was former Bearcat Reggie Harrison, a hero of the Pittsburgh Steelers' victory in Super Bowl X over Dallas. We went over and met him either during halftime or when the game was over. I'm sure I have his autograph somewhere.
Anyway, I came across this story online about Harrison, who had several concussions playing football and suffered some long-lasting effects.
There was also a story about Jim O'Brien, another former Bearcat who was a Super Bowl hero. He kicked the game-winning field goal for the Baltimore Colts in their victory over the Dallas Cowboys in Super Bowl V.


How about that? Two Bearcats were key players in the first 10 Super Bowls.

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