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I wonder how many thought the UConn rematch was going to bury UC in the conference and in the NCAA tournament talk. After losing to the 'Cats, and Jim Calhoun returning I'm sure many thought emotions alone would carry the Huskies to a easy win; but as I've continued to say, this is a series of one game season and UC just won another one that keeps their (NCAA) post season hopes alive. With U of L beating Syracuse it further illustrates that the Big Beast has talent from top to bottom and it bodes well for RPI rankings and last minute arguments about how many Big East teams should get in. You have to keep UC in the conversation and if they can win at South Florida, they will definitely have a little momentum on their side.

The grind (a term for working without stopping) really intensifies now that the regular season is drawing to a close and the league tournament draws near. As i've said lets look at the body of work at the end not in the middle or after one bad loss. So keep tabs on the conference, the team and yes for those who want to micro manage, Mick too. But don't make a decision until its all over. That may be later than you think, and more in line with what you were wishing at the start of the season. Even Roy Williams and his North Carolina Tar Heels are struggling and you thought UC had expectations?

It is no doubt a tough time being a UC basketball fan these days but with wins like the most recent against UConn it gives you a wing and a prayer that this season can offer a post script akin to selection Sunday when UC sits around together to find out where they play...and fans uttered the tattered tale: I knew they were going to make it...

That's the way I see it...Sitting In The Box Seat

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