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Everybody that follows football my age knows the old saying of a (then) mentally stable Al Davis, managing partner of the Oakland Raiders. They did everything to win and made no apologies for it.

With UC on the verge of an NCAA tournament apperance after a long absence, I modified the phrase just a little. UC's win over Providence was big for a number of reasons but the biggest was ensuring home court from here out. With 4 games at home and five on the road, UC needs to keep winning at the Big Orena to get at least 9 wins in conference. If they held serve at home and "stole" one on the road, that to me aligns them with AllState NCAA insurance by putting them in good hands.

I like the adage one coach used that its a series of one game seasons and in the Big East there is no better philosophy. Notre Dame is waiting on UC after Luke Harongody was greeted with BBL, Big Body Language at the shoe; He was held under his average and UC got a big win at the time. So they are looking for payback and UC is looking to prove thier win wasn't accidental. No matter how you look at it, this one game season against the fighting Irish is the only game (season) that matters. If you look at anything but the target, chances are you'll miss completely.

I think UC basketball has proven they are headed in the right direction with TV tournament talk including the 'Cats and Big East respect in place. To win they will have to tighten up thier end of game play, something I hope they're doing with every practice because as we all know it comes down to one or two plays at the end of every game in every sport. A coach once told me that the habit of working on game ending plays in practice translates to a habit of game winning plays in the game. Repitition is its own defintion...repitition is its own defintion...That's the way I see it...Sitting In The Box Seat.

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