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Have you ever been in a relationship that's headed downhill fast, and the more you do to try and save it, the more you mess it up? Well that has to be how the 'Cats and Mick Cronin feel. Its like this year they finally move into position to be considered a tournament team and since then they've struggled. As one of my friends on facebook said "They're on life support". You wonder how? why? especially when you know what's at stake; and it always sends me back to the quotable Bengal linebacker James Francis who so eloquently stated "They get paid to make plays too." Every team in the Big East is getting paid (so to speak) to win and there is no off night in this league. So when you imagine UC not giving thier all maybe you should imagine the other team fighting to survive as well. Maybe its for seeding and maybe like UC its just to dance.

Either way UC coaches have got to find the hidden code to tap into these kids stove and light the fuse that won't burn out. Let them run practice, give them the job of the pre-game speech; Let them conduct film study or even game plan the next game. But as they say, drastic times call for drastic measures. Maybe they should bring me back to introduce the lineups again...(shameless plug) but it did fire up the players...get it? fire up??

Right now the bandwagon is probably getting 40 miles to the gallon as people jump off in bunches and that's to be expected. What's not to be expected is a talented team struggling so much and it hurts them much more than it does us. I think people forget no one enjoys losing, especially the participants. They have the players, they have the coaches but what they don't have is a solution; and that is the biggest need right now. I for one, hope they find it before the Big East Tournament so they can stick the pin in someone else' balloon.

That's the way I see it...Sitting In The Box Seat. 



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