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Well now we know what it's like to play one of the top ranked teams in the country as Syracuse paid us a visit yesterday and added number 10 to their Big Beast win total. UC had an early lead and as all top ranked fighters do, and even the New Orlean Saints did yesterday, they adjust. The Orange did and with a veteran coach on the sideline, calm was in order. I love Jim Boeheim's style more than Bobby Knight's. It reminds me of John Wooden who reportedly yelled in practice but was cool hand Luke on the court, as was Denny Crum and others. A case could be made either way but I digress.

Don't let this game or the next one against UConn change what can happen as far as post season opportunities with this team. Their RPI took a positive step playing against the 'Cuse and being in the Big East still matters. With the conference tournament being a new season, the 'Cats still have a chance to make a statement that warrants a tournament bid.

As I said it's a series of one game season and that one game season with Syracuse is over; now its on to UConn, who like Notre Dame, is seeking revenge. I love listening to the indecisive fans who from one game to the next praise and persecute Mick. It confirms one, they don't have any loyalty and two they don't know basketball and/or how to evaluate success.

The body of work gets you in or out of the tournament and with more work to go before the season is over, pretend you're the NCAA and wait until the Big East tournament and then judge this team and this season. Anything else would be uncivilized; but then again who said a fan was? That's the way I see it...Sitting In The Box Seat...

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