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Starting lineup: Vaughn, Bishop, Thomas, Stephenson and Toyloy.

Maybe Mac Koshwals dunk (and his subsequent scream) to cut the UC lead to 6-3 might get some people excited. Or maybe Yancy Gates' 3-point opportunity will do the trick.

UC 8, DePaul 3 (15:45 to go)

Some students in one of the sections are wearing sombreros. I don't know why. If somebody could explain, I'd be happy to know.

Gates with a quick six points, including two long-range jumpers.

Nice hustle by Darnell to catch Jeremiah Kelly on the breakaway and actually leap over him to block the layup. Unfortunately for Wilks, he goal-tended. Still, it was something.

A dunk by Cashmere Wright forces DePaul to call for time.

UC 16, DePaul 11 (10:11 to go)

Apparently, they had the Chicken Dance during the break. Unfortunately, I missed it.

UC is 0 for 4 from the 3 and 0 for 3 from the FT line.

UC 20, DePaul 14 (7:58 to go)

Not a great sequence there. Koshwal swats away Vaughn's shot hard off the glass - it made an audible thump - and then Devin Hill goes in for the easy jam. Somebody from the crowd yells, "Nice hustle, Yancy." I think he was being sarcastic.

Put Lance Stephenson at the foul line, and he's automat ... wait, he just missed one. Never mind. But Gates gets the offensive board and puts in the layup.

UC 27, DePaul 23 (3:53 to go)

Can't fault Lance Stephenson. He's playing hard and diving into the cheerleader section.

UC on an 11-0 run to build a double-digit lead.

Dion Dixon was shooting 24.6 percent from the 3-point line entering tonight's game. Tonight, he's 0 for 2 so far.

Huge dunk at the buzzer by Stephenson, posterizing Koshwal. I think Stephenson's dunk was better than Koshwal's.

UC 35, DePaul 26 (half)

UC is shooting 42.9 percent from the floor and 0 percent from the 3 (0-for-5). DePaul is at 35.5 and 37.5 percent, respectively. UC is outrebounding DePaul 29-15.

Gates leads the way with 12 points, and Thomas has seven rebounds.

The first two minutes of the second half are playing out like a bad game of open gym.

A nice pass by Bishop around his defender to Toyloy for the layup. That gives UC an 11-point lead.

UC 45, DePaul 34 (15:33 to go)

DePaul just keeps hanging around, thanks to Tony Freeland and Will Walker.

Gates, by the way, has 17 points.

UC 50, DePaul 43 (11:59 to go)

Koshwal continues to play well. Drives by Gates to the rim for the layup, gets fouled and makes the FT to make it a four-point game.

UC is 9 for 17 from the foul line and 0 for 8 from the 3.

Deonta Vaughn has two points on 1 of 5 shooting.

UC 57, DePaul 53 (7:17 to go)

Gates has been on fire from the floor. He's got 21 points, one off his career high.

Almost a 3-pointer from Stephenson, but Tim Higgins looks at the replay and says, "Nope, that's a two."

UC is 9 for 22 from the foul line.

UC 63, DePaul 56 (3:44 to go)

DePaul down seven, and UC forces back-to-back-to-back turnovers and gets a dunk from Gates to go up nine.

Another shot-clock violation by the Demons.

Gates has a career-high with 23 points.

UC should be up by 15 with 1 minute to go, but DePaul keeps hanging around.

And it's over. Which is about the best thing you can say about tonight.

UC 74, DePaul 69 (final)

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