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Live from the couch:

And waiting for this Purdue-Indiana game to finish so I can follow along with ESPN.

According to CNATI's Paul Dehner Jr., the UC starting lineup is Wright, Vaughn, Bishop, Thomas and Gates. Stephenson does not start.

Sounds like Brian Kelly is in the house as well. I imagine he won't be cheering for Mick Cronin's club.

Thomas is off to a nice start. Hits a three from the corner and then forces Luke Harangody to foul him.

UC has allowed two wide open dunks to Notre Dame in the first 3 minutes.

Tim Abromaitis has seven points so far, one more than UC so far.

Notre Dame 9, UC 6 (15:35 to go)

Lance Stephenson in the game.

UC doing a nice job of forcing Harangody outside once again. But the Bearcats are letting anybody else wearing a ND uniform dunk the ball.

Vaughn has had three open looks from the left wing, and he's bricked all three 3-point attempts.

Notre Dame 15, UC 8 (11:48 to go)

Gates starting to come alive on the offensive end. A layup and then a short jumper over Harangody.

That's four dunks in the first 10:30 of the game for the Irish.

Yep, Vaughn hasn't been so impressive thus far. That double dribble doesn't help.

Notre Dame has gone cold from the field, but UC isn't hitting its shots either. The Bearcats are missing a vital opportunity here. They're shooting 26.3 percent from the field.

Notre Dame 19, UC 14 (7:35 to go)

A surprising development: Larry Davis hits a 3.

Abromaitis is absolutely killing the Bearcats.

The Vaughn-to-Gates connection is working well.

Notre Dame 33, UC 25 (2:56 to go)

Not a great thing when Notre Dame's point guard rips the rebound away from Yancy Gates. And then Jackson ties up Toyloy.

Harangody isn't doing a whole lot wrong right now. He's got 16 points and 10 rebounds, and he finishes the half with a reverse layup.

Gates has 10 points, but nobody else has more than four.

Overall, UC is shooting 32.1 percent and 27.3 percent from the 3. The Irish are 42.4 and 30.0 percent respectively.

Notre Dame is also out-rebounding UC 23-18. That's not good for the Bearcats.

Notre Dame 40, UC 27 (half)

And just like that, Wright and Vaughn miss back to back 3-pointers. Somebody needs to get hot soon for UC to have a chance to win this game.

Maybe Toyloy can be that guy. He's scored four straight points. But probably not.

And what's up with Davis? He's hit three 3s tonight. And then, of course, airballs one badly.

Hey, it's look like I saw part of Beth Rex's nose on TV, sitting next to Brian Kelly.

Notre Dame 48, UC 37 (14:48 to go)

Ouch, BK calling out the Bearcats basketball team's tenacity.

Notre Dame 56, UC 43 (11:40 to go)

Even double-teamed and as he's fouled, Harangody still finds a way to get the ball in the basket.

Gates picks up his fourth foul with 10:31 to go.

And a huge slam by Harangody after the Irish easily get through UC's full-court pressure.

This is a bad showing.

Notre Dame 65, UC 48 (7:48 to go)

Notre Dame 75, UC 57 (3:12 to go)

It doesn't even look like UC is trying to guard Harangody at this point. He finishes with 37 points and 14 rebounds.

Overall, UC shoots 38.2 percent from the floor and 25.9 percent from the 3. You're just not going to win many road games if you shoot like that.

Well, UC missed an opportunity tonight. This would have been a good chance to get a win on the road, one of those "steals" the Bearcats might need. Notre Dame is good, but not that good. Rutgers, after all, just beat the Irish. Yes, the Joyce Center is a tough place to play, but also, UC needs to prove it can win games like this. Obviously, didn't happen, and for UC fans who are dreaming of the NCAA tournament, that has to be disappointing.

Notre Dame 83, UC 65 (final)

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