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Live from 5/3:

UC's starting five: Deonta Vaughn, Rashad Bishop, Ibrahima Thomas, Lance Stephenson and Yancy Gates. Looks like Vaughn will run the point as Stephenson gets his first start in three games.

Some scattered cheers for the Orange during player intros. Fair amount of Syracuse fans here. Cheers actually outweigh the boos.

If UC can make those mid-range jumpers, like Thomas just did, the Bearcats might have a chance. Then, a 3 from Thomas.

Stephenson, who's playing a little point, throws the ball well over Bishop's head. Mick gets his attention and tells him to calm down.

After a really good first 4 minutes from the Bearcats, the fans applaud and cheer at the official timeout.

UC 7, Syracuse 2 (15:56 to go)

Wesley Johnson picks up his second foul with 15:16 to go. That's great news for UC, considering he averages 16 and 9. Boeheim is leaving him, though.

UC doesn't sub until almost 7 minutes have passed. Parker and Wilks in for Vaughn and Thomas.

Gates is 0 for 4 on FTs today.

Looked like Wilks cleanly blocked Johnson's shot there, but he's whistled for the foul. Mick points at the big screen after the replay and laughs.

Big drop-off in production from the starters to the subs. During the last three offensive possessions for UC, Syracuse's zone has forced the Bearcats into turnovers and terrible shots with the shot clock running out.

UC 15, Syracuse 12 (10:56 to go)

When Dixon, Parker, Wright, McClain and Thomas are in there, who exactly is expected to score? To answer that question, Rautins blocks McClain and then hits a 3 to tie the game.

UC finally ends a drought of more than 6 minutes with a Larry Davis 3. Suddenly, you can't cool him off.

Davis then took a bad tumble after one of the Orange players bumped him and he stayed down between the basket and one of the student sections. He eventually gets up and walks to the locker room at the official timeout.

UC 20, Syracuse 17 (7:13 to go)

Loooong 3-pointer for Stephenson.

Wesley Johnson with his third foul with 4:10 to go.

After Bishop misses both FTs (we've seen that story a couple times today from various Bearcats), Jardine hits a 3 to give the Cuse a lead.

UC is 5 of 11 from the foul line.

Syracuse 27, UC 26 (3:20 to go)

Gates doing a nice job toward the end of the half of grabbing offensive rebounds and putting back the layups.

Larry Davis is back on the court with a band-aid over his left eye.

UC does a nice job forcing Syracuse deep into the shot clock, and as Jardine takes a wild shot, Vaughn fouls him with 4.9 seconds left. Not a good one.

Mixed first half for the Bearcats. They're down by 2 at the half, which is almost a victory in itself. They shoot 44 percent from the field but only 33.3 percent from the 3 and 45.5 percent from the foul line. Thomas leads the way with nine points and Stephenson has eight points and six rebounds.

Syracuse is shooting 44.4 percent and 45.5 percent from the 3.

Syracuse 32, UC 30 (half)

Couple nice passes inside to Thomas, but other than that, Syracuse looks more ready to play the second half than UC.

After UC's timeout, though, a short jumper from Gates, a layup from Wright and a 3 from Bishop.

Syracuse 41, UC 39 (15:29 to go)

UC doing some nice work in the paint this half against the zone.

Well, it's clear UC's starters can play with Syracuse's starters. UC's bench ... maybe not so much.

A missed runner from Wright and Stephenson with the rebound/dunk. Then he mugs for the camera. Boeheim calls a timeout.

Wesley Johnson with foul No. 4 with 12:40 to go. He'll go to the bench. Then a big 3 from Wright to give UC a six-point lead.

UC 49, Syracuse 45 (11:41 to go)

Ah, memories of my youth. A little "Let's Go Orange!" chant.

With 9:01 to play, both teams are exactly 19 for 39 from the floor.

Thomas has surprised me a little with how well he's played today. He's got 11 points, six rebounds.

Syracuse 55, UC 52 (7:38 to go)

And just like that, UC misses a couple shots, Syracuse hits a couple FTs, and the Orange lead is seven.

The Orange on a 16-3 run.

Make that a 21-5 run.

Syracuse keeping all the offensive rebounds away from UC. And suddenly, it's like the Bearcats don't know how to play this game called basketball.

Syracuse 67, UC 54 (2:06 to go)

And Syracuse finishes the game on an 18-2 run to make this look like another bad loss for the Bearcats.

Afterward, Jardine and Boeheim warmly greet Oscar.

UC finishes shoots 41.7 percent from the floor and 26.3 percent from the 3. Syracuse at 51.1 and 50 percent.

Bearcats make just one FG in the final 12 minutes of the game.

Syracuse 71, UC 54 (final)

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