Josh "Schneid" Sealed & Delivered The Gold!

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I know many of us don't follow swimming, with the exception of the new fans of the sport courtesy of Michael Phelps; but UC has a swimmer whose name should be remembered as well: Josh Schneider. Josh has made a name for himself in the world of aquatics and didn't disappoint as he won the NCAA 50 yard freestyle national championship, the first UC individual swimmer to do so since 1946. So not only is it a national championship for Josh and UC, its now a set up question to impress your friends or win a wager or two going forward.

We tend to focus on football and basketball and rightfully so; they bring in the money for the other sports like swimming, golf, etc. but we have to acknowledge the success of athletes like Josh, especially if you've ever swam a lap or two in your local pool. While he continues to compete and prepare for post college competition, he must receive his do before he leaves UC.

Josh' accomplishments give UC another feather in its athletic department cap and shows kids that athletes, regardless of sports, will be recognized for their success. I didn't wait for someone else to do it, I am recognizing him here as have the UC media on the university's site and other outlets. So don't say UC doesn't give props to its smaller sport champions because they do. And now its your turn to pass the knowledge on to other UC faithful and alums and yes even aquatic lovers. UC has another national champion swimmer and its been awhile since they have; but Josh got them off the schneid, Josh Schneider that is...

That's the way I see it, sitting in The Box Seat

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